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Interactive Storytelling for Online Media Platforms

Interactive Storytelling

This couse begins by asking key questions about how people, groups and institutions are represented in narrative. You will then look at the bases of storytelling and how these might be applied to interactive stories. Finally you will look at transmedia storytelling and learn how storyworlds may span media to create rich and persistent narratives. The courses will proceed through project based work in which you will learn by doing, and by critically examining what you are doing. This course is for those wishing to upgrade their skills, artists wishing to learn story-based teachniques, and social media content producers and influencers who wish to deepen their understanding of the media with which they work.

Interactive Storytelling for Online Media Platforms / Courses


Representation: Content Analysis  (online)


Interactive Storytelling (online)


Storytelling Experience and Design (online)


These studies are especially aimed at artists, media managers, scriptwriters, and those interested in exploring the field.

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Learning outcomes

Learning outcomes

Clearly distinguish between different modes of interactive storytelling.

Learning outcomes

Produce one or more examples of the designs for a simple interactive story.

Learning outcome

Pitch the ideas for the interactive story in terms of a specific intended audience. 

Learning outcome

Explain the principles of transmedia storytelling.

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Owen Kelly

Owen Kelly, PhD

Principal lecturer in Online Media

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Stig Blomqvist

Stig Blomqvist

Further Education Planner

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