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Teams and Leadership

Competency aims

By the end of the course the student can: 1.Analyze and evaluate knowledge about leadership theory related to team leadership and working in teams 2.Manage and develop communication in teams 3.Evaluate and develop the own team leadership. 4. Be able to use some team development tools for successful co-workership and continuous development 5.Understand the importance of a shared vision and of socialization in teams 6. Understand the importance and at the same time the challenges of diversity

Learning outcomes

At the end of the course the student is expected to be able to:

  1. Formulate, theoretically motivate and discuss team leadership and successful working in teams
  2. Critically discuss different leadership and team theories
  3. Understand and interpret the importance of shared visions and the meaning of the whole in a successful team?s performance
  4. Demonstrate and discuss a variety of team leadership strategies and tools that are adaptable to different and challenging work situations
  5. Can show increased leadership efficiency in teams

Course contents

Leadership in teams, Teamroles,  Co-workership,  Diversity and collectivness, Conflicts and complexity, Communication and Culture in effective teams

Additional information

Observe that this course is an extensive course module consisting of three courses (see below). We encourage and recommend to take them all, but it is possible to taker only one course.

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Free for those who are laid-off or unemployed. For others: 75€


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