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Further Education

For today's and future stars.

Further Education for the Future

As the labour market keeps evolving, the demand for essential skills keeps growing. Continuous learning is the key to keep your professional skills up to date. This is where we step in.

We provide further education in technology, culture, media, business, sports, social and health care. 

Current courses

In our course calendar you can filter on courses according to your preferences.

To the calendar

We offer the following types of further education

Our expertise

Our aim at Arcada Further Education is to make sure it feels rewarding to develop and expand your professional skills. Our flexible team provides further education in the following areas:


 Learning outcomes

Culture and Media

 Kultur och media



Social and Health Care

 Social- och hälsovård





In planning courses, we utilize the expertise of Arcada’ s academic staff as well as that of outside experts and consultants.

Questions? Contact us!

Lotta Wikman

Lotta Wikman

Director, Contract Education and Continuous Learning

+358 294 282 846
Marika Blomster

Marika Blomster

Further Education Planner

+358 294 282 505
Stig Blomqvist

Stig Blomqvist

Further Education Planner

+358 294 282 501
Christoffer Ericsson

Christoffer Ericsson

Head of APSLC

+358 294 282 838