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Opportunities and challenges in a rapidly changing business environment

Are you interested in the disruptive revolution in financial services? Then this course is for you!

Fintech refers to technology-enabled financial services applied to a range of areas such as payments, deposits, lending, insurance, market provisioning, raising capital and investment management. This course covers all these topics both from a technical as well as business point of view.

Course structure

The course is divided into three separate modules consisting of 5 ECTS each. These are:

  1. Fintech in the Past, Present and Future
  2. Fintech for Financial Transactions
  3. Data and Analytics for Fintech

During the course you will learn to appreciate the scale of change that the financial industry is currently experiencing, both in Finland and abroad. You will become knowledgeable in the broad range of technologies driving this change, with an in-depth  focus on Blockchain and AI. We will look at the industry transition from several different points of view, including banking, legislation, start-ups and multinational technology providers. Throughout the course you will challenge yourself to understand the big picture and to identify opportunities in this rapidly changing environment.

Learning methods for the course include lectures, guest lectures, group and individual work. The course will also serve as a platform for networking with professionals in the industry. 


Teaching contact days will be during Thursday and Friday evenings (16.30-20.00) and Saturdays (daytime). The timetable for the course is as follow:

Fintech in the Past, Present and Future

Fintech for Financial Transactions

Data and Analytics for Fintech

Course information


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225 €

VAT 0%


Arcada University of Applied Sciences

Entry requirements:

Undergraduate degree (university or university of applied sciences) in Business Administration (or other field + 40 ECTS business studies) and a minimum of two years relevant work experience after graduation.

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Please notice that you need to apply by 1) filling in the form and 2) sending in an application letter.

Please write a short application letter where you briefly introduce yourself and your professional background. Also describe how your selected module fits your learning and career aspirations. The application letter should be 200-300 words. Send your application letter to

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Interested in the course? For more information, please contact:

Patrik Pehrsson

Patrik Pehrsson

Senior Lecturer in Business Administration

+358 294 282 592
Stig Blomqvist

Stig Blomqvist

Further Education Planner

+358 294 282 501

Four reasons to choose these studies:


You will gain highly relevant insight in to the changes taking place within the financial industry


Fantastic stepping stone for future studies at Master's level, e.g. the Arcada Master's Degree Programme in International Business Management


Lecturers and instructors have substantial hands-on experience in the industry


Fellow attendees with diverse backgrounds and experience, will make your learning experience even more valuable