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By donating you become a part of Arcada's long-term and purposeful efforts for a sustainable future and to support bilingualism and diversity in society.

  • Arcada is one of the country's leading universities of applied science. We provide high-quality education and pursue research relevant to society with considerable success.
  • Our alumni are in great demand and competitive in the labour market, not just because they combine theory and practise and create valuable networks already during their studies, but also for their excellent language skills.
  • Thanks to our size, we are agile and can adjust flexibly to the constant changes in society and working life.
  • We provide education in Swedish and English within the areas of business management, technology, healthcare, health and welfare, culture and media.

At Arcada, we know that we learn the best by combining theory and practice, as well as how important language skills and digital competence are in working life. We want our students to learn to think critically – a prerequisite to continue developing on a labour market in constant change.

Thanks to our pedagogic expertise and attention to the way working life is developing – in Finland as well as internationally – we can stay one step ahead and provide skills that pave the way for the future.

Our students study abroad and make contacts with leading companies and organisations already during their studies, both here at home and worldwide, and take on real assignments on their behalf.

The goal for all of our research is to identify the problems that our world is facing and contribute to sustainable societal development.

We co-produce knowledge with partner institutions, in research networks and with companies and organisations. We never allow ourselves to be limited by traditional boundaries between disciplines, and the work is performed at the regional, national, Scandinavian and international levels.

Because we work closely with the community around us, our research benefits our world and society.

At Arcada, we have a long tradition of supporting entrepreneurship among our students, no matter which degree programme they've chosen. While a degree from Arcada is in demand in the labour market, there are many who are attracted by the idea of starting their own business and carving out their own future.

The list of alumni who have started companies is growing steadily, and they not only lay the foundations for their own future careers but also create workplaces and income opportunities for others.

We want to contribute to a better tomorrow

Stories from Arcada

Nico Larsen

Co-founder of Hailer, owner/board member of Lamor Corporation

That the future is digital was a fact that Arcada had already realised when I studied business administration in the early 2000s, and it has been a great benefit to me in my career. I also appreciate the way the studies focus on learning by doing and take place in such close collaboration with working life. In my eyes, Arcada has always been a modern university of applied sciences; one that has not become mired in the past, but rather thinks anew and looks to the future.


Johanna Stenback

Producer and entrepreneur

Arcada is the most important building block in the foundations of my career. The students' association TLK, the Student Union ASK (which I was involved in setting up), and my media education gave me both experience and networks that I use every day. For me, Arcada is a creative and innovative university of applied sciences that does not shrink from new challenges and high ambitions. I have also brought this with me to my work as producer and entrepreneur.


Shuhua Liu

Researcher at the Department of Business Management and Analytics, Arcada

The digital transformation of our society means that artificial Intelligence and big data technology will have an ever-increasing impact on our lives, and these are two fields where Arcada’s research aim to make a difference. We focus on keeping our research relevant and to deliver results that can be applied in practise, and as a researcher it certainly feels rewarding to know that your work has a direct impact on the world. 



Nelli Salonen

Student, Cultural Management

For me Arcada is an open and international university and I feel absolutely certain that I am in the right place, considering my future career. Cultural management is a broad field and I am looking forward to devoting myself to culture policy as well as working in music and theatre as a link between artists, the public and society in the future. It is this in particular that is one of Arcada's strengths – not just that I gain practical experience in the field during my studies, but that I also obtain the tools that are needed to continue developing and growing and to see new opportunities in working life, even after completing my degree.

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By donating to Arcada, you support our long-term work for sustainable education and cutting-edge research.

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