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When we're young, we all have dreams. Dreams about growing up and becoming heroes. Heroes who save lives, help people, work for our environment, start new companies or discover and invent new things.

On the road to adulthood, our dreams may take on new shapes. But what doesn't change is the fact that we want to make a difference.

Our mission at Arcada is to create the best possible conditions for our youngsters to turn their dreams into reality.

Support tomorrow's heroes – Made by Arcada!

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By donating, you become a part of Arcada's long-term and purposeful efforts for a sustainable future and to support bilingualism and diversity in society.

  • Arcada is one of the country's leading universities of applied science. We provide high-quality education and pursue research relevant to society with considerable success.
  • Our alumni are in great demand and competitive in the labour market, not just because they combine theory and practise and create valuable networks already during their studies, but also for their excellent language skills.
  • Thanks to our size, we are agile and can adjust flexibly to the constant changes in society and working life.
  • We provide education in Swedish and English and work for a multilingual Finland.

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We want to contribute to a better tomorrow

Stories from Arcada

Nico Larsen

Co-founder of Hailer, owner/board member of Lamor Corporation

That the future is digital was a fact that Arcada had already realised when I studied business administration in the early 2000s, and it has been a great benefit to me in my career. I also appreciate the way the studies focus on learning by doing and take place in such close collaboration with working life. In my eyes, Arcada has always been a modern university of applied sciences; one that has not become mired in the past, but rather thinks anew and looks to the future.

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Johanna Stenback

Producer and entrepreneur

Arcada is the most important building block in the foundations of my career. The students' association TLK, the Student Union ASK (which I was involved in setting up), and my media education gave me both experience and networks that I use every day. For me, Arcada is a creative and innovative university of applied sciences that does not shrink from new challenges and high ambitions. I have also brought this with me to my work as producer and entrepreneur.

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Your donation is important!

By donating to Arcada, you support our long-term work for sustainable education and cutting-edge research.

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We support tomorrow's heroes

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FD(hc) Carola Teir-Lehtinen

Chairman of the campaign committee

"Arcada educates skilled professionals fluent in Swedish. This is important for Finland's position internationally and in Scandinavia, as well as for us Finns. For this reason, I am happy to contribute to the future of Arcada."

Stefan Ahlman, Architect | Alexander Bargum, CEO | Joanna Danielsson, Board member | Nella Ginman-Tjeder, CEO | Stig Gustavson, Senior industrialist | Leif Hagelstam, Entrepreneur, Board member | Robin Hallberg, Entrepreneur, Board member | Jerker Hartwall, CEO | Birgitta Langenskiöld, Midwife, Nurse | Pekka Lundmark, CEO | Carola Nilsson, Executive Vice President | Carl Johan Schauman, Senior Advisor | Mikael Swanljung, Chairman | Arne Wessberg, Chairman | Sebastian Östman, COO

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