Co-operations and partnerships – foundations for exchanging knowledge

At Arcada University of Applied Sciences we believe in, and actively pursue, close co-operation with organizations, companies as well as the public sector. Taking part in academic networks, exchanging knowledge with over 90 universities from all corners of the world, a comprehensive network of contacts within various industries and intensive research projects all work together to guarantee that our expertise is extensive and up to date. Research that is conducted in close collaboration with business partners and the public sector ensure significant results and that Arcada’s competences benefit society as a whole.

Through work placements, traineeships and joint projects our students gain invaluable work experience already during their student years, which is key to their excellent study results and them leaving Arcada as competitive professionals. With lifelong learning as one of our guiding principles we also take pride in the many various forms of further education that we offer.

Our versatile co-operation projects are of great benefit to Arcada, our students as well as our partners. They are also a source of inspiration when it comes to developing how we as a university of applied sciences operate. Our alumni serve as an important link between Arcada and the world beyond and we remain committed to further developing our alumni relations and finding new ways to collaborate.

Many external visitors have also gotten to know the Arcada building over the years, since we regularly host a wide range of external events. Our facilities are suitable for conferences, seminars, fairs, meetings, parties as well as physical exercise and film screenings.