Bachelor's Degree Programme in Nursing


Please note that applicants from countries outside the European Union/EEA-area are required to pay tuition fees. The tuition fee for Nursing is 6.000€ per academic year. Based on his or her study achievments, the paying student can be granted a scholarship from his or her second year. The scholarship will cover a maximum of 50 percent of the tuition fee.

Applicants to the degree programme in Nursing are required to have skills in either Finnish or Swedish. Read more about the language requirements here.

Society needs professional nurses with an international perspective

If you enjoy working with people in a multi-professional environment, relish responsibility, are willing to develop and are looking for a meaningful job, then nursing is what you are looking for!

 The Degree Programme in Nursing will qualify students as registered nurses with EU competence. The curriculum is based on caring science with multidisciplinary elements from natural sciences (medicine), social and behavioral sciences. The international programme is built on solid in-house expertise from the parallel programme in Swedish. If it feels right, don't hesitate - society needs you!

From a student perspective

To find out more about what it is like to study Nursing at Arcada, click on the pictures below to read interviews and see films of Arcada students and alumni!

Programme focus

The aim of the degree programme in nursing is to educate competent nurses with good knowledge of encountering, supervising and caring for patients with different levels of health issues. The education provides you with competence to act in different caring settings, from open counseling centres to intensive care units. You can choose to work with children, youth, grown-ups or elderly in Finland, the rest of the Nordic countries or even more internationally.

Within the degree programme in Nursing you will study nursing (e.g. internal- and surgical nursing, pediatric nursing and mental health), medicine and natural sciences (e.g. anatomy and physiology). You will also learn basics in research and developmental work as well as leadership. The studies are carried out in close cooperation with working life, e.g. through projects carried out both individually and in groups. Extension studies give you possibilities to specialize in for example rehabilitation or management and leadership.

Modern technology

Modern technology is used in teaching and theoretical lessons are varied with computer-based self-studies, practical skills training in class, simulations and clinical training in working life. The simulations are carried out in Arcada’s Patient Safety and Learning Center with the support of medical doctors and registered nurses. About 50% of the studies are carried out as practical training in different nursing settings and in open counselling centres.

Qualifies for EU competence

The learning process advances from basic nursing skills and nursing in different contexts (medical, surgical and psychiatric nursing, nursing of women and children) to extended studies in e.g. rehabilitation, elderly care, mental health or leadership. The degree programme will qualify students as registered nurses with EU competence. 

Student exchange

Arcada has a network of 90 institutes of higher education worldwide. If you are interested in completing part of your degree abroad, this is a unique chance to travel and go on student exchange! In the Study Guide you can find the list of Arcada’s partner universities and read reports by incoming and outgoing exchange students.

Job opportunities

A nursing degree prepares you for a job working with people and an almost guaranteed employment in various milieus within health and nursing. The need for health services is continuously growing in our society. Alongside community service, an increasing amount of private health care organisations are established, and add to the need for health care personnel.

After graduation you can work with health promotion or with critically ill patients in hospitals or open care. You can work in municipals or in private organisations, as an employee or by starting your own company. You can work in Finland, provided that you meet the Finnish language skills requirements, and the educations high international standard qualifies you for work abroad. 

Possibilities for further studies

Students who want to continue their studies at a master’s level can do so at other universities either in Finland or abroad. Arcada offers Master’s degree programmes in e.g. Global Health Care (in English) and Advanced Clinical Care, Health Promotion and Rehabilitation (in Swedish) for registered nurses with at least 3 years of relevant work experience after completing their Bachelor’s degrees.

More information

To find out more about the programme, please read more in the Study Guide.

The degree programme in a nutshell

Qualification awarded: 
Bachelor of Health Care (Registered Nurse)
Extent (cr): 
Duration (years): 
Study Places: 
Contact person: 
Pamela Gray
Application time: 
10 January 8:00 am to 25 January 3:00 pm (studies begin in autumn of 2017)

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