Bachelor's Degree Programme in Materials Processing Technology (Engineering)


Please note that applicants from countries outside the European Union/EEA-area are required to pay tuition fees. The tuition fee for Materials Processing Technology is 6.000€ per academic year. Based on his or her study achievments, the paying student can be granted a scholarship from his or her second year. The scholarship will cover a maximum of 50 percent of the tuition fee.

Products are becoming smarter

Are you curious about product innovation? Would you like to learn how to develop and design smart and sustainable products by using just the right, functional materials? Do you appreciate a dynamic and research-oriented atmosphere? If your answer is Yes, then consider joining our group of material specialists.

 The degree programme in Materials Processing Technology at Arcada has a clear focus – functional materials and design. You may already have heard about products with smart or functional properties. In many cases the smartness actually lies in the materials. Polymers often offer the perfect combination of properties – the light weight, mechanical strength, elasticity and low costs of processing are just a few benefits of polymer-based material solutions. In our degree programme you will study material science and technology and become an expert in a booming field where engineers are in constant demand.

From a student perspective

To find out more about what it is like to study Materials Processing Technology at Arcada, click on the pictures below to read interviews and see films of Arcada students and alumni!



Areas of focus

Sustainable material choices are needed all around us in our daily lives. Our society needs to save energy and fresh water, as well as minimize waste from consumption and the production of daily products. During your studies you will learn about bio-based polymers as sustainable material choices, and the efficient and cost-effective use of materials in general. You will also become familiar with current product applications for conserving energy and fresh water resources. 

Your studies combine modern polymer technology and processing, as well as sustainable product development and design. You learn about new product innovation and about the functional materials involved. What does it take to develop and design a smart product using the right materials?

Elective studies enable you to design your studies according to your personal interests. You can choose between foreign languages and entrepreneurship. We also encourage you to sign up for exchange studies abroad at one of our partner institutions. Our research activities and co-operation projects with the industry offer great opportunities for thesis projects of your own design. 

An international approach

The increasingly international focus of today's labour market is clearly reflected in the degree programmes Arcada offers. The degree programme in Materials Processing Technology is for example closely tied to it's parallel programme in Swedish (Process- och materialteknik). The idea is to utilise structural networks and learning experiences from the counterpart programme, and also to familiarise international students with the Finnish labour market in a genuinely multicultural environment.

Student exchange

Arcada has a network of 90 institutes of higher education worldwide. If you are interested in completing part of your degree abroad, this is a unique chance to travel and go on student exchange! In the Study Guide you can find the list of Arcada’s partner universities and read reports by incoming and outgoing exchange students.

Career opportunities

As a graduate you qualify for a positions as an engineer. Material and engineering specialists are needed in practically every business field, from manufacturing industry to their supply chains, as well as in the public sector. Some typical job titles include Process Engineer, Product Engineer, Design Engineer, Laboratory Engineer, Materials Engineer or Sales Engineer. 

Possibilities for further studies

 After completing the Bachelor’s degree, students can continue studying at a university in Finland or abroad. Arcada offers a Master’s degree programmes in e.g. International Business Management and Media Management for Bachelors of Engineering with at least 3 years of relevant work experience after completing the Bachelor’s degree. 

More information

To find out more about the programme, please read more in the Study Guide.

The degree programme in a nutshell

Qualification awarded: 
Bachelor of Engineering
Extent (cr): 
Duration (years): 
Study Places: 
Contact person: 
Mirja Andersson
Application time: 
10 January 8:00 am to 25 January 3:00 pm (studies begin in autumn of 2017)

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