The Film and Television programme prepares you for a professional career in various disciplines within the international field of film and television.

The educational goal of the programme is to help you as a student to discover  your inner voice and give you the means necessary to let you express yourself on a multitude of media platforms. Your artistic abilities and your academic proficiency will improve along with your practical production skills, making you an attractive employee or entrepreneur for the professional media market.

In order for you to be able to succeed in the rather harsh media reality of today, we will help you improve your self knowledge and understanding of the cultural diversity involved in international film and TV productions.  This requires a good capacity of conceptual thinking.

The field of film and television has evolved rapidly during the last few years. The technological innovations are paving the way for new types of storytelling.  During your studies at Arcada you will become familiar with producing new media concepts that can involve anything from GPS to 2D-barcodes and mobile phones as well as using internet platforms such as Facebook, Second Life and Youtube as important parts of the concept.

However, the core idea for the  film manuscript is always of essential importance. The script is usually being developed through several rewrites during the preproduction phase. Once the production plan has been approved, the actual production can commence.

Already when applying to the education - students are encouraged to decide what discipline within they want to focus on, the options are:

  • Online media and art direction
  • cinematography and editing
  • producing
  • sound design and music production
  • concept design and scriptwriting

During the four years of study, the students work in teams  where every discipline is represented. The individual areas  are rather diverse and within each, the education strives to prepare the student well for the coming expectations.

The programme in film and television focuses on both theoretical knowledge and production skills as well as on developing the personal maturity of the student.

The means to achieve this goals include having professional teachers with considerable experience in the industry, as well as having up to spec equipment and studio facilities - including our own TV-channel which is broadcasted over the whole of the greater Helsinki area.

From you as an applicant we expect determination, drive, motivation and talent. In return we will help you achieve your first professional job position within the film and TV industry in Finland or abroad.

Qualification awarded: 
Yrkeshögskoleexamen inom kulturbranschen, Medianom (YH); equivalent to Bachelor of Culture and Arts,
Extent (cr): 
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Contact person: 
Fred Nordström

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