Bachelor's degree programmes in English at Arcada

We offer the following bachelor's degree programmes in English:

The next application period for these programmes is 10-25.1.2017.

Live, learn and explore student life in an inspiring and internationel environment

Life is full of possibilities and choices. At Arcada we want to encourage our students to think, have opinions and chart their own career paths. We want to share the insight that reading books is not the only way to learn. It’s also important to sample, explore and experience life. We are all at our best when we get the possibility to use all the assets at our disposal and both sides of our brain.

Our students often say that they’ve chosen Arcada because they want “to do” as well as “to learn” in a supportive, friendly and safe environment. They want work experience during their studies, as well as substantial theoretical knowledge to become skilled professionals. At Arcada you will receive a theoretical, as well as practical, education, with lectures, e-learning and hands-on workshops in exciting learning environments and work placements.

The basis for all education at Arcada is that nothing grows in a vacuum. Our lecturers and staff are not only well-educated experts within their own fields, but also keep a close eye on developments in the domestic and international job markets. They ensure that our state-of-the-art education stays current, relevant and that a degree from Arcada is always in demand.

Parallel programmes maximize the learning experience

The labour market today is truly international. The degree programmes in English are executed in close cooperation with related programmes in Swedish. The idea is to make the most of the existing network and the benefits of well-established programmes. Also, the model gives twice as many students the chance to learn their professions in a genuinely multi-cultural environment.

Come and explore student life at Arcada!




  • You are met by a familiar, multicultural and entrepreneurial atmosphere
  • Your practical skills are as valued as your theoretical knowledge
  • You find yourself in an international environment where co-operation between different fields is a natural part of everyday life
  • The opportunities for leisure activities are abundant and the events at the students’ own Cor-house provide you with relaxing breaks in your studies
  • You have access to modern laboratories and learning facilities
  • You study for a degree that is attractive on the labour market
  • Co-operation with some 90 partner universities all over the world offer excellent opportunities to go on exchange

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