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Bachelor's Degree

Physiotherapy (Swedish)

Come and build a society that promotes health and an active way of life






3,5 years


210 ECTS

Language profile

Swedish and Finnish

The physiotherapy programme is in Swedish, but the aim is that you as a student will, regardless of your mother tongue, learn to interview and care for the patient in the patient's mother tongue, Swedish or Finnish.

Please note that the following English text is a translation for reference purposes only, and that this degree programme is taught in Swedish. You find more detailed information in Swedish here

As a physiotherapist, you will be well prepared to work with current and future health problems. Physiotherapists are sought-after experts in the labour market. 

The programme gives you broad knowledge of people's capacity to move and the factors that impact people's ability to function, for example stress, diseases, injuries and handicaps. Together with Arcada's experts and professionals within the field, you will learn to maintain and promote knowledge about the body, health, and people's functional capacity for work. 

As a physiotherapist, you will have an independent and responsible job where you come into contact with people of all ages. You will often work in multi-professional teams with representatives from many professions. Physiotherapists assist in improving people's opportunities to be physically active, manage their daily lives and be a part of society. In addition to be working in teams, you will be trained to work independently and multi-culturally. 

The work of physiotherapists is regulated by means of the Act relating to qualifications for professionally trained personnel within health care and nursing in Finland. The designation physiotherapist and the right to practise the profession may only be used by persons who hold a degree in physiotherapy.