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Bachelor's Degree

Occupational Therapy

– a creative profession with a focus on solving problems and improving people’s everyday lives 


Occupational Therapist (Bachelor)




3,5 years


210 ECTS

Language profile


The Occupational Therapy degree programme is in Swedish. The programme also includes language studies. The course reading is mostly in English, but also partly in Finnish, allowing you to develop language skills for your future work. 

Please note that the following English text is a translation for reference purposes only, and that this degree programme is taught in Swedish. You find more detailed information in Swedish here

A creative, independent and responsible job where you focus on people’s activity, health and participation – how does that sound? Perhaps you like solving problems together with others? Do you want to develop yourself and work with social innovations? Is your answer to these questions ‘yes’? In that case, we suggest that you keep reading. The Occupational Therapy degree programme might be just the right thing for you.

As an occupational therapist, you will meet people who, for various reasons, find it difficult to manage their everyday lives on their own. Together, you will seek solutions to the challenges they face in their everyday activities and the things they want and need to do in order to make their everyday lives work and to make life feel meaningful.

An occupational therapist sees the person as a whole and understands how the environment affects people’s everyday activities. By helping people of different ages find solutions to the challenges they face in their everyday lives, occupational therapists can, in co-operation with other professionals, make it possible for them to work, play, go to school, enjoy meaningful leisure time and spend time with their family and friends. Occupational therapists can replan a home or school and help people find aids and solutions that make it possible for them to be active and participate in everyday activities.

The degree programme is based on occupational science and gives you a broad perspective on humans, health and activity. At Arcada, you can, for instance, learn more about universal design and learn to design products and environments that are accessible to everyone. You learn this by gaining knowledge of how the environment and the activities themselves affect people’s possibilities to participate in activities that are important to people of different ages.

The degree programme also gives you the skills needed to work as a social entrepreneur. In other words, you will learn to create social benefits in society. You learn to identify problems and needs in society for people in different life situations and develop tools to find solutions to these problems.

Occupational therapists are sought-after in the labour market today and have a broad field of work. In the future, we will need occupational therapists in community planning, in the development of elderly care services, to make it possible for newly arrived people in our society to have meaningful lives, to make it possible for everyone to find work, to help people who are at risk of being marginalised find their place in society and to develop digital services within health and social care.

After completing the programme, you will meet the qualification requirements for occupational therapists in Europe.