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Bachelor's Degree

Nursing - Swedish programme


Registered Nurse




3.5 years


210 ECTS

Language profile


The nursing programme is in Swedish, but the goal is that you as a student, regardless of your own mother tongue, are able to interview and care for patients in their own mother tongue; Swedish or Finnish. Your will learn the English terminology within the care through the English readings.

Please note that the following English text is a translation for reference purposes only, and that this degree programme is taught in Swedish. For more detailed information please see our programme description in Swedish

If you are interested in studying this degree programme in English, please see the Bachelor's Degree Programme in Nursing

As a nursing student at Arcada, you will gain broad knowledge in meeting, guiding and caring for patients with varying degrees of health and illnesses. The programme will give you competence in working in various areas of care from open reception to intensive care units. You can choose to work with children, young persons, adults or the elderly in Finland, the other Nordic countries or internationally. This degree programme gives competence recognised throughout the EU.

Health care work entails great personal responsibility and opportunities for self development. This entails to work with individuals and their closest family in multi-professional teams. Professional activities also includes participation in the planning, execution and evaluation of changes in care work. 

We emphasise lifelong learning as you will work in a sector where you will be continuously updating and expanding your knowledge base. You will receive support in learning to work independently and taking personal responsibility. The curriculum - which is in line with both the national competence requirements and follows EU directives - supports you in achieving the programme goals. We work to ensure that the programme reflects working life, maintaining close collaboration with individuals and organisations from working life, for example in the form of project work carried out individually or in groups.