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Bachelor's Degree



Bachelor of Health Care, Midwife and Registered Nurse




4.5 years


270 ECTS

Language profile


The midwife training is in Swedish, but the goal is that you as a student, regardless of your own mother tongue, are able to care for patients in their own mother tongue, Swedish or Finnish. Your will learn the English terminology through the English readings.

Please note that the following English text is a translation for reference purposes only, and that this degree programme is taught in Swedish. You find more detailed information in Swedish here

The studies to become a midwife are intended for those who love independent work, are interested in women's health and diseases, human reproduction and sexual health, have the courage to take on responsibility, are oriented towards development and seek meaningful work.

This degree programme provide you with excellent knowledge in everything from e.g. working in the delivery room and gynaecological outpatient care to taking on expert tasks within sexual counselling and family planning. Parts of the programme may be completed abroad and the programme gives competence recognised throughout the EU. 

The degree in midwifery also gives you a nursing degree qualification. Therefore, you will also study nursing (e.g. internal medicine and surgical nursing, nursing of children, psychiatric health and nursing), medicine and natural science (e.g. anatomy and physiology). You will also learn the basic elements of research and development work as well as leadership. We work to ensure that the programme is realistic, maintaining close collaboration with individuals and organisations from this field, for example in the form of project work carried out individually or in groups.

Life-long learning and continuous updating and collection of new knowledge is emphasised and students are encouraged to show independence and responsibility whilst also being prepared to work in multi-professional teams.