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Information Technology


Bachelor of Engineering




4 years


240 ECTS

Language profile

Swedish and English

The Information Technology programme is in Swedish. The programme also includes language studies and some courses are in English.

Please note that the following English text is a translation for reference purposes only, and that this degree programme is taught in Swedish. You find more detailed information in Swedish here

Are you seeking a successful career with great opportunities and challenges? Do you want to get involved in influencing the development of IT in Finland as well as having the freedom to shape your own future as a professional? Do you want to be part of a start-up? As an expert within information analysis, there is nothing that can prevent you from making these dreams come true!

The programme leads up to a Bachelor of Engineering (IT) qualification and focuses on analysing information, as well as developing software services in the digital world. During your studies, you will be trained in programming, visualisation, analysis and handling of the enormous amounts of data that exist today. Businesses and organisations have already realised the opportunities that exist within this area and there is currently a considerable shortage of skilled programmers with knowledge of how analytical systems and software are designed. As one of these developers, with excellent knowledge of how to develop IT systems, and web and mobile services, you will be able to work on everything from making logistics companies more efficient to building search engines or creating machine intelligence that can predict various events.

If you study information technology at Arcada, you will be focusing on skills that will be useful to you in your professional work from day one. You will be comfortable with using web, mobile and cloud-based platforms for software development purposes. You will work on projects in close co-operation with the business community and public organisations. Work practice included as an obligatory part of the programme and will give you valuable experience during your studies.