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Bachelor's Degree

Energy and Environmental Engineering


Bachelor of Engineering (YH)




4 years


240 ECTS

Language profile

Swedish and English

The programme for the Bachelor's degree in Energy and Environmental Engineering is in Swedish, but be aware that many of the courses are delivered in English.

Please note that the following English text is a translation for reference purposes only, and that this degree programme is taught in Swedish. You find more detailed information in Swedish here

Do you want to make an environmental impact and be sure to have a job after graduating? This is the situation the situation you'll find yourself in with a degree from this degree programme at Arcada. Both the climate change and Finland's climate and energy strategy will ensure that.

The degree programme in Energy and Environmental Engineering at Arcada is unique in Finland and focuses on distributed energy systems. Energy-saving building conversions require broad knowledge of construction techniques, energy technology and HVAC technology. New forms of energy technology including heat pumps, solar cells, fuel cells and wind power also present new requirements. The labour market has a great need for experts with comprehensive knowledge of all this, and now there is a programme that can provide you with this particular competence.

The practical part of the programme is based on exactly the same tools you will be expected to master after graduation and that you will use in your future career. The content of the programme has been developed in co-operation with approximately ten recognised companies and public authorities.