From Open UAS to degree student


The application form is available on from 10 April 2017. You may apply when you meet the conditions below. If you apply by 10 August 2017, you will get our degree student status from August 2017.

If you have studied at Arcada’s Open UAS, you may apply for degree student status when you have completed all credits according to the agreement made with the degree programme director at the start of your Open studies.

If you have not studied at Arcada’s Open UAS, you may apply when you have completed enough credits that can be included in the degree you are aiming at.

Applying for Bachelor degree student status

You must have a minimum of 60 credits to apply for degree student status at Bachelor level.

If you are studying Nursing at the Open UAS you must also pass the aptitude test to be considered for admission. The aptitude test is usually arranged at the same time as the entrance exams in April. Please contact the amanuensis andrea.nevalainen(a) if you have questions about the aptitude test. Applicants to Nursing must also prove that they possess sufficient knowledge of either Finnish or Swedish.

The application process to the other programmes (International Business and Materials Process Technology) may include an interview. 

If you have studied at the Open UAS at another UAS than Arcada, you need to send in copies of your latest credit transcript showing 60 credits to the admissions office. An application without supplements is not processed.

Admission and accepting study place

Admission to the programmes is decided by the Rector.

You need to accept the study place and register for the academic year on Please note that you can accept only one study place per term.

Registration as degree student

You will be registered as a degree student starting from 1st August or 1st January with a new student number. All courses registered at the Open UAS will be transferred automatically to your new degree student number. User name and password remain the same.

If you have completed you credits at another UAS, you need to apply to get these studies transferred.

If you have questions about your studies, please turn to the department amanuensis.

Tuition fee

Depending on your background, you may be subject to tuition fees. Please read more about tuition fees here.

Contact details

If you have questions about the application process, please contact Admissions Services:

e-mail: admissions(a)

telephone: 0207 699 699 (switchboard)

If you have questions about the aptitude test or the contents of the degree programme, please contact your department amanuensis.

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