Application to Degree Programmes in Swedish

A joint application with two application periods and a total maximum of 6 preferences in order of priority

Starting from autumn 2014, the universities and universities of applied sciences will have a new joint application. This means that all information on the offered education and the application form is found on the web site

How to apply? 

  • Keep track of two different application periods :

- Period 1:  10.1  - 25.1.2017 for degree programmes in English and the Art Universities
- Period 2: 16.3 - 6.4  for mostly degree programmes in Swedish/Finnish.

• Make your application on time; the application opens at 8.00 on the first day of application and closes at 15:00 on the last day !

• Apply only to degree programmes at the right level that you are eligible for, and in the right language

Priority is important - fill in your max 6 preferences in the desired order

You can apply for a maximum of six preferences but will only be offered one place to study - even if your score would be enough for admission to several of your options, you will be offered only the highest preference study place to which your score is sufficient. The order of preference can not be changed after the application closes.

An application with two application times - what does it mean ?

The application is divided into two application periods, which means that anyone who wants to apply to degree programmes taught in English and to degree programmes taught in Swedish / Finnish, must during  the first application period in January be aware of how many degree programmes in Swedish / Finnish he/she considers applying to, and to give the degree programmes in English he/she applies to now in order of preference.

In the second application period, applicant can add Swedish / Finnish degree programmes among the English ones, but can no longer change the order of preference of the English taught degree programmes or remove individual degree programmes listed during the first application period. 


To be eligible to apply to a Bachelor degree programme you need one of the following educations:

  •  Finnish Matriculation examination or upper secondary education, EB, IB or Reifeprüfung examination
  •  Finnish upper secondary vocational qualification of 3 years duration
  •  A completed non-Finnish degree which gives eligibility for higher education in the degree awarding country.


Students at Arcada are obliged to enroll as present/absent each academic year. A student who has not by the given date enrolled as absent or present, forfeits his/her right to study.

 Selection criteria

For the Swedish Bachelor degree programmes, points are awarded for grades in the matriculation examination, and for the entrance examination. Selection of applicants with foreign degrees and Finnish applicants with other degrees than the above-mentioned is based on the entrance examination only.

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