Students from third countries must have health insurance after 1.9.2007

Citizens of third countries arriving in Finland for the purpose of study or student exchange after 1.9.2007 are required to have health insurance, if the study or student exchange lasts for more than three months. Health insurance is a requirement for obtaining a residence permit for studies.

Insurance is also required of the student who applies for renewal of his/her residence permit after 1.9.2007.

A foreign student must have a health insurance policy that covers the costs of medical care. If the duration of the studies is at least two years the student has the right to municipal health care services. For a degree student it is therefore sufficient that the insurance policy covers primarily pharmaceutical costs. The insurance should cover costs of medical treatment for up to 30 000 euros.

Health care services in Finland

A degree student from a third country is generally entitled to municipal health care services, but still need an insurance covering primarily medicines. The insurance should be valid for the whole residence permit period and issued by a reliable and financially sound company.

International Student Health Insurance is now available for most students coming to Finland. We recommend that you you take out the Marsh SIP insurance as it offers good coverage and is also approved by the Finnish Immigration Service. More information as well as instructions on how to obtain it is available on the following website.

There are also international insurance companies that you may wish to chose, and suggestions can be found on the web site of the immigration service:

Health information required of applicants to Arcada

Applicant, who applies to the field of Social Services and Health, must consider whether his/her health condition enables his/her successful practical studies and work placement.

 Those applying to the field must take into consideration that:

  • both studying and working in the profession requires good mental health
  • the field is not suitable for a person who uses illegal drugs or misuses alcohol or pharmaceuticals
  • musculoskeletal diseases, chronic dermatological diseases and allergies can become a health issue during studies or later in professional life
  • blood-borne diseases can limit placement in professional life.
  • A polytechnic/UAS can request that the student provides his/her criminal records extract before his/her work placement, if the work placement tasks include working with children.

 Applicant is required to give relevant information about his/her health, if the polytechnic/UAS asks for more information for admission evaluation purposes. This applies also for information about possible earlier revoked study places.

All applicants from abroad needs to remember to bring all important documents regarding his/her personal health in case of illness or an accident during the stay in Finland!

It is essential, that the applicant makes sure he/she has got all general vaccinations in order (such as tetanus, polio, measles, parotitis, rubella) before travelling to Finland, and that the certificates of vaccination are brought to Finland.

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