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Welcome to the application pages for the Master's degree level programmes at Arcada!

A Master's degree at a university of applied sciences is an alternative for someone who is already working. Three years of work experience after the Bachelor's degree is required. 



Tuition fees:

Arcada and other Finnish higher education institutions will take into use tuition fees for degree programmes in English. You can read more on the tuition fees at Arcada here

Apply to these programmes 15 March - 5 April 2017:



    Restrictions in the right to register as absent

    A new legislation restricting the right to be absent has come into force. According to the new legislation, students can register as absent for the first study year only with valid reason. As valid reasons are considered military service, non-military service, women's voluntary military service, maternity, paternity, or parental leave, or illness or disability which prevents student from beginning their studies. 

    All students' right to register as absent due to reasons other than the ones mentioned above is also to be limited to one year. The legislation will affect all students starting their studies from 1 August 2015.

    Please read more here.

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