Arcada's alumni portal

Professional networking and friends for life

With thousands of Arcada alumni spread all over the world, getting involved with our alumni activities offers you access to a valuable network of skilled professionals. Participate in alumni events, keep in touch with old friends, make new acquaintances and stay up to date with all the recent developments at Arcada. It also makes it easy to keep an eye on all the opportunities we offer you to further your education.

At Arcada we value our close and mutually beneficial relationships to you, our alumni. You are our most important ambassadors and a bridge between our university of applied sciences and society. You contribute e.g. by volunteering as guest lecturers and mentors, offer work and trainee placements, involve our students in various projects and participate in the evaluation and development of our degree programmes.  

Mia Ingman

Why join the alumni network? Not only do you get to reunite with old friends and relive fond memories of your student years, it also offers you professional networking, opportunities to further your education and valuable connections to young talents. 

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Henrik Wolff

Arcada-alumni are our ambassadors with capital A. Your effort in society and in working life contributes to the strong brand of Arcada and to increese the knowledge about our university of applied science, not only country-wide, but also globally.

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