Professional networking and friends for life

With thousands of Arcada alumni spread all over the world, getting involved with our alumni activities offers you access to a valuable network of skilled professionals. Participate in alumni events, keep in touch with old friends, make new acquaintances and stay up to date with all the recent developments at Arcada. It also makes it easy to keep an eye on all the opportunities we offer you to further your education.

At Arcada we value our close and mutually beneficial relationships to you, our alumni. You are our most important ambassadors and a bridge between our university of applied sciences and society. You contribute e.g. by volunteering as guest lecturers and mentors, offer work and trainee placements, involve our students in various projects and participate in the evaluation and development of our degree programmes. 

Who is an Arcada alumnus?

The Arcada alumni program is a professional and social netverk for all those who have graduated from Arcada University of Applied Science, or the former Arcada precursors, i.e. Svenska sjukvårdsinstitutet (Sjukis), Svenska Handelsläroverket (Lilla Hanken), Tekniska Läroverket (Verket), och Folkhälsans socialläroanstalt. Former exchange students at Arcada Univerisity of Applied Sciences are also welcomed as Arcada alumni.

As a member of the alumni network you:

  • stay in touch with former classmates and expand your professional network
  • receive updates on events, courses, research and development projects
  • have the opportunity to give guest lectures and function as an expert in seminars and courses
  • can recruit students with the help of Arcada Job Board
  • can commission theses and surveys
  • get support when arranging get-togethers with other alumni

Contact Arcada Alumni Network

External relations manager Mia Ingman
Phone 0207 699 667