A transfer student is a student who transfers their right to study at a bachelor-level degree programme from another Finnish university of applied sciences (UAS) or university to Arcada. It is not possible to apply for transfer from a university/university of applied sciences outside of Finland (such applicant must apply through the regular application).

Arcada accepts transfer applications only in the spring. The next application is open 30 April -15 May 2020.

Transfer application open only to Materials Processing Technology (5 places).

There are currently no vacant study places in the degree programmes Nursing or International Business, which is why transfer application is opened only to the degree programme in Materials Processing Technology.

Information on transfer to the Swedish programmes is available here.


You may apply for a transfer of your right to study to Arcada if you:

  1. Have a valid right to study at a UAS or university in Finland.
  2. Are studying at a bachelor-level degree programme that corresponds to the bachelor-level degree programme at Arcada you want to transfer to. NB! This means that it is not possible to apply for transfer between Arcada's own bachelor-level programmes as they do not correspond to each other.
  3. Have been registered as present at your current institution for at least one year by the time the transfer takes place.
  4. Have achieved at least 50 credits (relevant for the degree) per academic year and thereby shown such progress that makes it possible for you to graduate within the prescribed study time.
  5. Meet Arcada's eligibility criteria from the year you were admitted to your current UAS/university.


The application is made using this form, which is available during the application period  30 April -15 May 2020. The application and supplements must be submitted by 15 May 2020.

Please fill out carefully and submit the following supplements:

  1. A study certificate showing that you have a valid right to study, when your studies started and possible periods of absence.
  2. An official transcript of records.
  3. A list of any courses still missing from the transcript of records (courses you are currently taking but which are not yet registered on your transcript of records).
  4. Course descriptions of the courses included on your transcript of records.
  5. A motivational letter including the reasons for the application for transfer.
  6. Copies of your senior secondary/high school certificates and English language certificates (IELTS/TOEFL etc).

Admissions criteria

If there are more applicants than available places at the degree programme in Materials Processing Technology, the applicants will be ranked based on:

  1. The mean grade on the transcript of records, and
  2. The amount of credits on the transcript of records.

In making the decision whether or not your application for transfer will be granted your previous study success and motive for the transfer will be taken into account. You may be asked to have a discussion with the degree programme director and undertake a separate language test. If the degree programme director finds that you language skills are too weak, making it unlikely for you to graduate on time, your transfer application may be rejected.


The degree programme in Materials Processing Technology has compulsory courses in Swedish. If you at your current UAS/university have studied compulsory Finnish, you are still expected to also study Swedish at Arcada.

If you  are admitted, you may not register as absent for the first term at Arcada.

If you are a tuition fee paying student, please note that if you apply for transfer to Arcada you must pay the first year's tuition fee in full. Scholarships are available only from year two.


If you have questions regarding transfer, please contact Arcada Admissions Services.
E-mail: admissions(a)arcada.fi
Phone: 0294 282 699