As Arcada uses a continuous application, documents should be submitted within 7 days counted from the date the application was submitted.

Do not send in any original documents, as copies are sufficient at this stage.  Do not send original certificates, diplomas, etc. which cannot be replaced as application documents will NOT be returned. Please read the information on this page carefully before submitting any documents.

Application documents

1. Copy of original final Bachelor's degree certificate/diploma completed outside of Finland.  Authorised translations (in English, Swedish or Finnish) the Bachelor's degree certificate/diploma should also be submitted, if the original degree certificate is not issued in English, Finnish or English. The translation should bear the stamp and signature of the translator.

2. Copy of the transcript of academic records in the original language (courses taken for the Bachelor's degree programme outside of Finland). And authorized translation (in English, Swedish or Finnish) of the study transcript or academic records, if the original transcript is not issued in English, Swedish or Finnish. The translation must bear the stamp and signature of the translator.

If the Bachelor's degree was completed in Finland, no copies of education need to be sent in at this stage.

3. Copies of relevant work certificates in English, Swedish or Finnish indicating a minimum of two years (24 months) of relevant work experience. Self-employed candidates (independent entrepreneurs) can prove their work history by sending CVs (Curriculum Vitae), taxation slips as well as a YEL or MYEL-certificate, where possible. Please send only work certificates that are relevant. The work certificates must show starting and closing dates as well as title and description of work tasks. If you have worked part-time, the work certificates should indicate the number of work hours per month. 150 work hours or 20 working days (the minimum length of one full working day is 7 hours) is equivalent to one month of work experience.

4. Copy of Residence permit or passport exempting from tuition fees
In order to prove exemption from tuition fees, a non-EU applicant should submit a copy of a valid residence permit issued by the Finnish Immigration Service. EU-applicant should send a copy of passport or another official national identity card.

5. Motivational letter

A motivational letter is required for several of the master programmes. See specific details for each master programme.

6. Video

Some master programmes require a video in addition to the motivational letter. See specific details for each master programme.



How to submit your documents to Arcada


When applying, you can choose to upload required documents as attachments to the application.


b) send them by post or deliver them in person to:

Arcada Admissions Services
Jan-Magnus Janssonin aukio 1
00560 Helsinki

If you apply to several degree programmes at Arcada, you only need to send in one set of supporting documents. As there are great delays in the postal services, we do not recommend that you use this method for document delivery.