Selection of students to Media Management

Students who meet the eligibility requirements can apply to the degree programme. Each applicant should submit two separate documents: a written document in the form of a preliminary research proposal; and personal video.


MA Proposal (written document to be submitted as a pdf)

Write an essay of no more than 1000 words. Outline your interests in the form of a proposal for your potential master thesis. Reflect on the following questions:

  • What are the key competencies and strategic issues in media management?
  • Which ones are the most important to you, personally and professionally?
  • In what ways are the issues you identified socially and culturally relevant, and to whom?
  • Which problems would you like to research and help to solve as part of your studies in media management? How?

The essay should clearly communicate your preferences and goals regarding your studies in Media Management. Please use 3-5 academic sources as references. Essays that demonstrate a knowledge of the structure and logic of research proposals will be appreciated, as well as those essays that show a familiarity with the recommended readings.


Recommended readings:

Assessment criteria:
Essays will be assessed out of a score of 75 points. Points will be awarded based on the following: command of written English; style; structure; argumentative skills; the capacity to understand academic texts; proper use of references; the capacity to identify relevant problems within the field of media management and society at large.

Maximum length: 1000 words

Format: Times New Roman 12pt; 1.5 spacing; Harvard referencing style

Motivational video (video to be submitted as a file or an URL)

Produce a motivational video that highlights your professional and educational background in the fields of media and management. Speak to your individual merits and communicate your personal and professional motivation for pursuing a master´s degree. Also reflect on personal goals, and the potential challenges you might face in future studies. The particular form, style, and structure of the video is up to the consideration of each applicant. Please make sure that the audio and the visuals are intelligible.


Assessment criteria:
​​​​​​​Videos will be assessed out of a score of 25 points. Points will be awarded based on the following: professional history; educational background; motivation; performance; and verbal English skills.

Maximum length: 5 minutes

If the video is uploaded to a sharing platform (youtube etc) make sure that the video is set to private, not public and that it can be visible only with the link you share with the admissions office.