1) Submit your application

Application to Arcada's all degree programmes in English is conducted as a direct, separate application. The application form is found on the website www.studyinfo.fi during the application period 9-31 January 2019, closing 3 pm Finnish time on the last day of application.

Please note that Arcada has a direct/separate Master's applications. The links below will take you directly to the application form (only during application time)

Arcada's Master's application 2019 :

Pay attention to the order in which you prioritise the degree programmes you apply to. When the application period has ended you can no longer change the order. You can only be admitted to one degree programme within the application - the one with the highest priority that your score qualified you for.


Fill in the application form


Go to Studyinfo.fi to fill in the separate application form to Arcada. Fill in the form yourself, using your own contact information.

1. To find the application form as it is a separate application, you should enter 'Arcada ' as a search word in the search box. That way you will see all the degree programmes of Arcada. Select also 'application period ongoing' to get a list of the programmes to which application is currently open.

Studyinfo.fi Search Arcada_ring snip.JPG

2. Choose a degree programme by clicking on the title.

3. Access the application form by clicking on the 'Fill in application' button.

4. Answer all questions. The application form will guide you through the process and will alert if you have not answered all mandatory questions.

5. Mark your education correctly.

6. Click 'submit'. Do not forget to click "submit" to save your application form. You will receive a confirmation e-mail in your inbox containing your application number. Please note this application number and use it in all contact to Arcada Admissions Services. If you do not receive a confirmation e-mail, please check your spam folder and make sure that your inbox is not full.

2) Submit all the application supplements:

The deadline for submitting supporting documents is 7 February 3 pm Finnish time. Do not send in any original documents, as copies are sufficient.

Applicants should submit the following supporting documents:

1. Copy of original final Bachelor's degree certificate/diploma in the original language
2. Copy of the transcript of academic records in the original language
3. Copies of relevant work certificates
4. Copy of residence permit or passport that exempt from tuition fee

Read more about supporting documents.

3) Submit the research proposal/motivational letter

If you apply to the degree programmes in Big Data Analytics you also need to submit a research proposal/motivational letter

4) Keep an eye on your e-mail

Arcada Admissions Services will contact you in case there are questions about your application or document, so please make sure that you check your inbox regularly.