Students who meet the eligibility requirements can apply to the degree programme. Admission to the master's degree programme in Leadership for Nordic Healthcare is based on a motivational letter and personal video.  


Motivation letter (2-3 pages)


Submit a motivation letter. The letter has given questions and a structure where part 1 is about you as a master's student and part 2 is about your ambitions to develop your own leadership and the activities you possibly lead or want to lead. Write this letter in order for us to understand your thoughts and experiences on leadership in a Nordic context (length of this letter is about 2-3 pages) and also your expectations on this master's program.
PART 1: (Max. 30 points). Me as a master's student:
What central working life competences have you already developed?
Have you already developed some leadership competences? If so please do tell.
What leadership competences for future Nordic working life do you want to develop? Motivate
How do you see a master’s degree beneficial for your present or future work?
What are the main reasons for applying to this master's program?
This master's program is an online program. What digital competence do you possess and do you have any digital challenges?
A master's education is also time consuming, how will this program change your use of time?
If you work, what support can you expect from your employer?
Do you have previous experience in higher education? If you answer yes, tell us briefly about this.
Master's studies are equivalent with EQF 7 competence requirements set by the Bologna process. Tell us about your earlier study experiences and your academic writing and research skills.
PART 2: (Max. 30 points). Development  and research of working life:
What areas of your profession do you consider important for development work?
In this master program, 1/3 is about development work, master thesis. What kind of development work would you be interesting in doing? What would it contain?
How would you do such a development work?
What research method would you use?

Record a video of yourself talking about one leadership topic you find interesting. This video can give you a maximum of 40 points.
Areas that will be given focus and evaluated:
Technical skills  (important since this is a 100% online course)
Communication skills (group discussions will be held in this program and we need to communicate in English)
Interest in the field of Healthcare Leadership