Arcada will open an additional August application to the Master's degree programmes  in:
- Media Management
- Big Data Analytics

 The application opens 22.7.2019 at 9.00 and closes 5.8.2019 at 3 pm Finnish time.


Apply on

You can apply through, by following the steps presented in the section Fill in the application.

This application does not require you to put your application options in order of preference. This means that if you apply to several master programmes, you may be admitted to them all. Note that you can accept only one study place.

Submit your documents

Please make sure that you have your documents at hand when filling in your application form. You can attach your documents directly to your application. It is also possible to add documents to your application through the link you received as confirmation of your application. The deadline for documents is 8th August 2019. at 3 pm Finnish time

Submit the following documents:
- copy of Bachelor degree diploma and transcript of education completed outside of Finland
-copies of work certificates proving a minimum of 36 months work experience gained after the Bachelor degree
-copy of residence permit/passport proving exemption from tuition fee

Media Management

To apply you need a relevant Bachelor degree as well as 3 years work experience. Read more on eligibility here.

Students are selected through an entrance exam held on 15.8.2019 at Arcada only. Please make sure that you are able to attend the exam prior to submitting an application. Eligible applicants will receive an invitation through e-mail.


Big Data Analytics


To apply you need a relevant Bachelor degree as well as 3 years work experience. Read more on eligibility here.

Students to the degree programme in Big Data Analytics are selected based on previous master level studies in analytics and a motivational letter.

Prior master level studies within the field + motivational letter

Previous 30 ECTS programming studies in Big Data Analytics at advanced (master) level.

Motivational letter

In addition to the above mentioned documents, applicants should also submit a motivational letter.

The letter of motivation should be 2,5 to 3 pages of text on the following topics:
•    Vision on future possibilities associated with big data analytics
•    A vision of own role and career as an expert in the transition towards analytics-driven intelligent services
•    Proposal for a programming or service creation challenge you would like to study as part of your Master's thesis

The deadline for the research proposal and motivational letter is  8 August 2019 at 3 pm.

Applicants may also be interviewed if needed.





22.7.2019 at 9 am Application opens
5.8.2019 at 3 pm Application closes
8.8.2019 at 3 pm Finnish time. Deadline for documents
week 33 Invitations to the entrance exam in Media Management are sent by e-mail to eligible applicants.
week 34 Admission results are announced
Studies begin: 27.8.2019 for  Media Management, August/September for Big Data Analytics.