These are important pages for all our international applicants so please take some time to get acquainted with the different topics we have provided.

Please start by finding out if you need a residence permit or visa for studying in Finland. Then you can find out more about a lot of practical matters surrounding immigration and registration as well as insurance and health care, bank account and internet. You might be interested in what kind of services and support we offer at Arcada and like to know a bit more about Finland and our way of living. You can also find information about living in Helsinki, transport, cost of living, accommodation, social activities and much more. We hope to see you here next autumn!

Tuition fees and scholarships

Please read more about our tuition fees and scholarships for Bachelor's degrees and tuition fees for Master's degrees. Arcada does not grant scholarships to master’s students.

Start your residence permit application process as soon as possible!

If you require a Finnish residence permit, you should start preparing your application immediately after receiving your acceptance letter. Please read more about the residence permit application process.

Apply for accommodation as soon as you have been offered a study place!

Student accommodation in Finland, and especially Helsinki, is popular and affordable and therefore in very high demand. You should apply for an apartment as soon as you have been admitted as a student at Arcada. Please read more about student accommodation in Helsinki.