English language skills required of all applicants

All applicants are required to have language skills in English. We recommend that you make sure that you have a valid English language certificate prior to actually submitting an application, as the 7-day deadline also applies to most language certificates.


English language proficiency may be demonstrated with the following certificates and minimum requirements:

  • Cambridge ESOL’s tests B2 First (First Certificate in English);
    -Minimum score 170
    - Include your Candidate ID and Candidate Secret number when sending your results to Arcada
    - valid for two years
  • Pearson Test of English, Academic 51;
    Results are accepted only when sent through the online PTE account
    - valid for two years
  • IELTS, academic level 6.0;
    - valid for two years
  • TOEFL 79 Internet-based test;
    - Must arrive directly from the Educational Testing Service
    - Arcada's TOEFL code 5724
    valid for two years
  • Finnish matriculation examination: grade M in the advanced syllabus test in the English language;
  • IB Education;
  • an upper secondary level certificate or a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree completed in English in the United Kingdom, Ireland, the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand or South Africa;
  • Bachelor’s or Master’s degree completed in English in an EU/EEA country.

The language certificate must be valid during the application period. The Cambridge ESOL’s tests B2 First, Pearson test of English, IELTS and TOEFL certificates are valid for two years. There are no limitations on the period of validity of the other certificates. A TOEFL test score will only be accepted if it has been directly submitted from the TOEFL Educational Testing Service (ETS). Arcada's Toefl code is 5724.


Arcada strives to accept electronic copies of language certificates submitted directly from the testing organisation. Please request your score report to be submitted to Arcada when you register for the Cambridge, IELTS, Pearson or TOEFL tests.

Applicants who have completed the Finnish matriculation examination prior to 1990 must submit a certificate of language proficiency.