There are a range of practical matters to tend to before you arrive at Arcada and a lot of information that might interest you in advance. Below we have picked out a few topics for you but please also take some time to read more about the services offered at Arcada, information about Finland and living in Helsinki.

Apply for accommodation as soon as you have been offered a study place!

Student accommodation in Finland, and especially Helsinki, is popular and affordable and therefore in very high demand. You should apply for an apartment as soon as you have been admitted as a student at Arcada. Please read more about student accommodation in Helsinki.

Start your residence permit application process as soon as possible!

If you require a Finnish residence permit, you should start preparing your application immediately after receiving your acceptance letter. Please read more about the residence permit application process.

Visa and residence permit

Information concerning visas and residence permits, who needs them and how to get them can be found at

Please note that in order to be granted a student residence permit you need sufficient funds even beyond the minimum requirement! Please read more about means of support below.

Income requirements

International students who need a student residence permit to enter Finland should please note that you need sufficient funds not only to enter the country, but to support yourself while living here. Finnish immigration services require a minimum sum for entering the country to support yourself the first year, but will not grant a student residence permit unless you can prove sufficient funds to support yourself also after the end of the first year. Please read more about Finnish Immigration Service's income requirements.

Register in the Finnish population system upon arrival

Most students staying in Finland for a longer period need to register in the Finnish population system. When you register you will receive a personal identity code which you will need for most things like opening a bank account, ordering a student card etc. Therefore you should register as soon as possible upon arrival! Please note that you need to have an address in Finland to register. Please read more about the registration and Finnish municipality of residence.

Insurance and health care

In Finland

The need for insurance and the access to health care depends on your nationality and residence status. Private health insurance is mandatory for non-EU/EEA citizens who are applying for a student residence permit in Finland.  For EU/EEA nationals, health insurance is not mandatory but highly recommended as medical costs can be significant. Please read more about insurance and health care for students in Finland.

At Arcada

All students at Arcada are insured against accidents during practical lessons and training. The student is required to have private accident insurance for all other situations (e.g. theory lessons and travelling to and from Arcada). Helsinki city offers health care services at Arcada. As a student at Arcada you have access to services offered by the school nurse, physician and psychiatric nurse.  We also offer you the possibility to get help from our study psychologist, study counsellor and special education teacher, who can help you in your studies. Please read more about insurance and health care at Arcada.

Bank account

Setting up a bank account in Finland requires a Finnish personal identity code which you will get when you register in the Finnish population system. Some banks have all their services in English (e.g. Danske Bank and Nordea) and you should call them to book an appointment. If you order a student union card, you become a Danske Bank customer. Please read more in the section about student discounts below.

Student discounts

In Finland students are entitled to discounts on meals and public transport. All discount cards are subject to regulations and the forms require a stamp from Arcada. By joining the Arcada student union ASK you can substitute the separate forms with a student union card- which gives you the same benefits and more. You need to have a Finnish identity number to order the student card. You can read more about the card at Fran´k. By ordering this card, you become a Danske Bank customer and get their banking service package, including bank account and bank credentials without any monthly fees as a student until you graduate.

Working during studies

You are allowed to work part-time during your studies, but please take into account that we expect you to attend classes and study full-time.