Date:  March 2020
Location: Arcada

NO examinations are organised abroad and Arcada is not part of any entrance exam co-operation.

Finnish or Swedish language requirement

Note that all applicants to the degree programme in Nursing are required to have intermediate skills in either Finnish or Swedish when they apply. The minimum requirement is level B1.2 on the European language framework. Language skills will be tested in the entrance exam. Only applicants who have marked the required language skills in their application will be invited to the entrance exam.


Content of the exam

The entrance exam to the degree programme in Nursing consists of both written and oral parts. It will test the applicant's suitability for the field in question.


Detailed information on the entrance exam will be given in the invitation letter sent to applicants who have proven their eligibility.

A test in Finnish or Swedish is also a mandatory part in the entrance exam.

Health requirements

An applicant, who applies to the field of Social Services and Health care, must consider whether his/her health condition enables his/her successful practical studies and work placement.

 Those applying to the field must take into consideration that:

  • both studying and working in the profession requires good mental health
  • the field is not suitable for a person who uses illegal drugs or misuses alcohol or pharmaceuticals
  • musculoskeletal diseases, chronic dermatological diseases, and allergies can become a health issue during studies or later in professional life
  • Arcada can request that the student provides his/her criminal records extract before his/her work placement if the work placement tasks include working with children

The applicant is required to give relevant information about his/her health if the polytechnic/UAS asks for more information for admission evaluation purposes. This applies also for information about possible earlier revoked study places.