Date: Continuously between 2 Dec 2019- 13 March 2020
Location: Online

Online entrance exam as selection method

An applicant can select the online entrance exam as the admission method. This means that the exam is open to all applicants, regardless of where in the world they are currently located.

The online exam can be taken only once and an applicant must complete the test in one sitting, within a set time frame. The entrance exam may consist of sections that test applicants' reading comprehension, math and logical deduction. An applicant who passes the test will receive an offer of admission.

The exam is separate for International Business and Mechanical and Sustainability Engineering. This means that applicants applying to both programmes will need to take two online tests.

Content of the exam

The exam will test applicants' skills in mathematics and logical deduction.

The examples of previous exams that are listed below, will give some idea of the types of questions that will be asked.

Examples of exams

Engineering exam_example 1


Eligible applicants, applying through an entrance exam method, will receive an invitation to the exam which will contain all the necessary information on the exam. Only applicants who are found eligible will be invited to the exam. The invitation will be sent as soon as the application is processed and applicants then have 2 weeks to take the test. The test can be done only once and must be completed in one sitting.


Proof of skills in English required

Please note that also in this selection method an applicant will need to submit proof of your skills in English. Please see here for more information on the different ways the applicant  can prove his/her skills in English.