Date: 12 April 2019
Location: Arcada

NO examinations are organised abroad and Arcada is not part of any entrance exam co-operation.


The entrance exam may consist of both a written and an oral part. The written part of the exam may contain an essay, multiple choice questions, mathematics, and logical deduction. The oral part is conducted as group discussions. The applicant's skills in English is assessed on his/her written and oral performance. An applicant must pass all parts of the entrance exam.


Pre-reading material

The entrance exam is based on the following pre-reading material:
Fazer Group Annual Review 2017 .

The pre-reading material is available on our web pages until 12th April 2019. The material should be read in full and applicant can not take it to the exam. 

Entrance exam co-operation
As the application to the programme is through a separate application, it means that the degree programme is not part of any entrance exam co-operation networks.