The SAT is used in admission to the degree programmes in International Business and Materials Processing Technology.  Applicants to the degree programmes in Nursing can only apply through the entrance exam at Arcada. The SAT is an international test administered by the College Board. Please read further details about the SAT test.

In order to apply to Arcada with an SAT test score you also need to submit proof of English language skills. Please view Arcada's language requirements for details.

Arcada's SAT requirements

The SAT test required for admission to Arcada consists of:

  • Reading Test
       Writing and Language Test
  • Math

The Essay also included in the SAT test is not required when applying to Arcada and subject test are not accepted. Read more about the test here.

Minimum scores

The minimum total score requirement for application to Arcada is 1100. In addition, an applicant should have a minimum score of 500 in the reading, writing and language test and a minimum score of 500 in the math test. When applying to the degree programme in Materials Processing Technology, a score of 550 is required in the math test.

Guaranteed admission
If an applicant scores a total of 1320 points on the SAT test (+meets the minimum requirements mentioned above) and submits a valid English languages score, he/she is guaranteed a study place at Arcada. Admission notification can be given to student within a couple of weeks time upon Arcada receiving all required application attachments and processing the application.  

Test dates

Only the new version of the SAT test  (completed after March 2016) is accepted. The test date should be no later than March 2019. Please note the test dates and that registration for the test usually is 1 month in advance! You can find the registration and test dates, as well as dates for sending scores. International test dates in time for the application to Arcada's Bachelor programmes are 1.12.2018 (registration by 2.11.2018) and 9.3.2019 (registration by 8.2.2019).

Sending scores to Arcada

The applicant should order an official SAT score report straight from the test organiser. If the applicant has already completed an SAT test, you must request a score to be delivered to Arcada directly. The score report must reach Arcada by 3 p.m on 10 April 2019. Read more about how to send the SAT score.
Arcada's SAT code is 7151.

Free SAT practice

Did you know that you can practice taking the SAT test free of charge? Learn more about it here.