Application to Arcada's degree programmes in English is not part of the joint application system in Finland. As it is a separate application, an application to Arcada does not count towards the maximum of 6 study programmes allowed in the Joint Application system. The application is made through where you start by typing in 'Arcada' in the search field. If you wish to apply both to Arcada and to another UAS or university, please visit their own pages regarding application and submit your application and documents separately. If you wish to apply to a degree programme in Swedish at Arcada in the joint application, you also need to fill in a separate application form.

Fill in the application form

Go to to fill in the separate application form to Arcada. Fill in the form yourself, using your own contact information.

1. To find the application form as it is a separate application, you should enter 'Arcada' as a search word in the search box. That way you will see all degree programmes of Arcada. Search Arcada_ring snip.JPG

2 a. Choose a degree programme by clicking on the title. You can apply to all of our three English Bachelor's degree programmes, but you should mark them according to order of preference. You will be admitted to the highest preference to which your score is sufficient. Choose a degree programme snip.JPG

2 b. If you already know which degree programme you want to apply to, you can use these direct links:
International Business
Materials Processing Technology

3. Access the application form by clicking on the 'Fill in application' button. Fill in application_ring snip.JPG

Answer all questions

The application form will guide you through the process, so that you can not move forward if you have not answered all mandatory questions.

  • Mark if you apply on the basis of an entrance exam held at Arcada or on the basis of an SAT test + language test (not applicable if you apply to our Bachelor's degree programme in Nursing)
  • If you apply to the Bachelor's degree programme in Nursing, please mark you correct language proficiency level in either Finnish or Swedish.

Mark your education correctly

In the application form you should mark correctly your education on the basis of which you apply . If you are applying on the basis of several different secondary education, you can mark them all.  Note that you cannot apply and prove your eligibility with a Bachelor's or Master's degree. Instead you should also mark your education prior to that.

Click 'submit'

Do not forget to click "submit" to save your application form. You will receive a confirmation e-mail in your inbox containing your application number. Please note this application number and use it in all contact to Arcada Admissions Services. If you do not receive a confirmation e-mail, please check your spam folder and make sure that your inbox is not full.

Submit your supporting documents to Arcada

Please read more about which document you need to submit, by when and how.

Keep an eye on your e-mail

Arcada Admissions Services will contact you in case there are questions about your application or document, so please make sure that you check you inbox regularly.