Application to Arcada's degree programmes in English is not part of the joint application system in Finland. It is held as a continuous separate application. The application is made through where you start by typing in 'Arcada' in the search field. You can apply to both Bachelor or Master programmes using the same application form but note that the master programmes have different eligibility criteria. Also, if you wish to apply both to Arcada and to another UAS or university, please visit their own pages regarding application and submit your application and documents separately. If you wish to apply to a degree programme in Swedish at Arcada in the joint application, you also need to fill in a separate application form.

Apply for International Business

Apply for Mechanical and Sustainability Engineering 

Mark your education correctly

In the application form, you should mark correctly your education on the basis of which you apply. If you are applying on the basis of several different types of secondary education, you can mark them all.