Application time and eligibility requirements

The additional application for the bachelor's degree programme in International Business has already closed.


Apply through

You need to submit your application through the application portal, by following the steps presented in the section How to apply. Note that this application is joint with the master's programme application, so make sure you meet the eligibility criteria in case you apply to both programmes. This application does not require you to prioritize your application preferences, which means that you can be admitted to several of your preferences, but you can accept only one study place.

Attach your documents

Please make sure that you have your documents at hand when filling in your application form. You should attach your documents directly to your application at the time of submission. While it is also possible to add documents to your application later, we request that documents be submitted when the application form is filled. If you are unable to submit the documents directly, you can do so later through the link provided in the confirmation of your application. Please note that the deadline for documents is no later than the 7th of August 2020 at 3 p.m. (EET). 

Applicants should submit the following mandatory documents:
  • a copy of their educational diplomas/certificates including transcripts completed outside of Finland
  • a copy of their residence permit/passport proving exemption from tuition fee (if applicable)

    If you graduate in 2020, you can submit a transcript of records or certificate stating that you have/will graduate in 2020. We are aware that final diplomas/certificates were not issued due to the COVID-19 so in case you have received such, you may still apply.


Written entrance exam: online 6.8.2020

Students are admitted to the programme based on an entrance exam which is held online.  The written entrance exam will consist of a multiple choice test and an essay. 

Pre-reading material
The online entrance exam will be based on the following pre-reading material :  Kesko's Annual Report 2018, Kesko's Direction.

All applicants will be sent an invitation to the exam by email on 5.8.2020. The exam will take place the following day on the 6.8.2020. The email will include detailed instructions on the exam. If an applicant is found to not meet eligibility criteria prior to this, they will not receive an invitation.

Group discussions 11.8 or 12.8.2020

Applicants who pass the written part of the exam will be invited to the group discussions held remotely on Zoom on either Tuesday 11.8.2020 or Wednesday 12.8.2020.

The invitation to the group discussions will be sent on Monday 10.8.2020 and it will include all necessary information.

All applicants will be notified of the decision on their application by week 34 at the latest.




Weeks 30-31

20.7.2020  Application opens at 9 a.m. (EET)
31.7.2020 Application closes at 3 p.m. (EET)

Week 32

5.8.2020 Invitation to entrance exam sent to applicants
6.8.2020 Online entrance exam
7.8.2020 Deadline for documents ends at 3 p.m. (EET)

Weeks 33-36

10.8.2020 Invitation to group discussions sent
11/12.8.2020 Groups discussions held
Week 33/34 Admissions results announced
24.8.2020 Introduction Day 
Week 36 Lectures begin


Please note that due to delays at the Finnish Immigration Services resulting from COVID-19, applicants from outside the EU/EEA will most likely have to begin their studies remotely if they are unable to obtain a residence permit/visa before the start of their studies.

Online studies are academically equivalent to on-campus teaching and additional support will be provided to students.