Application of 2020 - Two separate applications


In 2020, Arcada will have two separate applications:
- one to the Bachelor degree programme in Nursing together with DIAK University of Applied Sciences. Application time 8- 28 January 2020. Click on the link in the menu for more information on this application.

- one to the Bachelor degree programmes in International Business and Mechanical & Sustainability Engineering as well as the English Master  programmes. Application time  is 2.12.2019-13.3.2020.  This is a continuous application, which means that applicants can be admitted continuously. Click on the link in the menu for more information on this application.


Arcada is currently revising the application process of 2020, and we are currently updating the information on these web pages  Note therefore that some information on the application web pages is still for application 2019 .



 Separate Applications


Please note that Arcada uses Separate Application 2020  to the degree programmes in English and is therefore not a part of the Joint Application system in Finland. As it is a separate application, an application to Arcada does not count towards the maximum of 6 study programmes allowed in the Joint Application system. The application is made through where you start by typing in 'Arcada' in the search field. Please read more about the application process.


SAT test as an application method

.Arcada uses the SAT test and proof of English language skills OR entrance exams with language tests as application methods for the degree programmes in International Business and Environmental and Sustainability Engineering.

Read more on the SAT scores required by Arcada.


Language requirements in 2020

Arcada also requires that all applicants prove their skills in English, such as e.g. with a valid IELTS, TOEFL certificate.

Those who take part in an entrance exam to the degree programme in Nursing will be tested in English as a separate or integrated part of the entrance exam.

Applicants to the degree programme in Nursing must also have skills in either Finnish or Swedish.

Read more about Arcada's language requirements.


Tuition fees and scholarships

All Finnish institutions of higher education charge tuition fees for degrees taught in English. The fees apply to applicants from countries outside the European Union/EEA-area (with a few exceptions). The tuition fee is either 5 000 or 8 500 € depending on the degree programme.

Arcada also offers scholarships for Bachelor's level studies. The scholarship covers a maximum of 50 percent of the tuition fee based on the student's academic achievements during his/her first study year at Arcada. The paying student can be granted a scholarship starting from his or her second year onwards.

Read more about tuition fees and scholarships.


Do you wish to know more?

Do you wish to read more about the application process? Find out if you can apply; which documents to submit; how to fill out your application; how students are selected; what it costs; what happens after admission and information for international applicants. You can also read more about our different degree programmes.  If you cannot find the answers to your questions here or in the application and admission FAQ, please contact our Admissions Services directly:

Phone: +358 (0)207 699 699
E-mail: admissions(at)


Open Path studies

Can you for some reason not apply to regular Bachelor's degree studies at Arcada but would still like to study for a degree? Then Open Path Studies offer an excellent alternative for you! You study alongside the degree students and participate in the regular education provided by Arcada. Depending on the year you started, when you have completed 40 or 60 ECTS studies as an Open Path student, you can apply for admission to continue your studies within the same degree programme as a degree student.

Read more about Open Studies at Arcada.