Update 8.1.2021:

Arcada's instructions to prevent the spread of infection (27.11) continue to apply until 31.1.2021. The UAS's management actively monitors the situation. Our campus is closed for all external visitors and guests until 31.1. Only Arcada's own students and staff have access to the campus. 


Update 15.12:

Arcada's instructions for preventing the spread of infection apply until 11.1

Arcada's instructions to prevent the spread of infection continue to apply until 11.1. The UAS's management actively monitors the situation. 

  • Our campus is closed for all external visitors and guests until 10.1. Only Arcada's own students and staff have access to the campus. 

  • The switchboard is closed 23.12-6.1. 

  • The students are asked to minimise their visits on campus, but they have access to take away lunch at Arcada's restaurant until 16th December. A decision about when the restaurant reopens will be made in early January in accordance with the authorities' guidelines.

Update 27.11:

Arcada tightens its guidelines 30.11-15.12 to prevent further spread of infection

Due to the accelerating spread of infection in the capital region, which means that Helsinki is now in the spreading phase, the government has on 26 November published new regulations and guidelines. In line with the new instructions, Arcada will also update its instructions for 30.11-15.12.2020. 

 Until 15.12.2020, the following applies: 

  •  The campus is closed to all external guests and visitors. Only Arcada's own staff and students have access to the main building and the other campus facilities. 

  • All teaching takes place remotely. All on-campus education is cancelled with the exception of exams and exercises that are critically necessary for the students to complete their studies, to be able to complete a planned internship or to avoid that the students' studies are delayed by an entire period. All groups are limited to 10 people. 

  •  Students are encouraged to minimise their stay on campus. The library will be available for lending and the lunch restaurant will, if possible, be open to students and staff - but only with take-away service. 

Through these measures, Arcada wants to ensure a safe study and work environment for its students and staff. As a university of applied sciences, Arcada wants to bear its responsibility to stop the spread of infection in the surrounding community. This means that everyone must bear their personal responsibility and do what they can to curb the spread of infection, without forgetting other dimensions of health and well-being in society. Arcada's management actively monitors the situation and is prepared to adjust the guidelines if the situation so requires. 

Update 23.11:

The corona situation in the capital region has worsened - new clarifications in Arcada's instructions 

The spread of infection in the capital region during the second half of November went from the acceleration phase to the spread phase and there is a risk that the situation will get worse in the coming weeks.  

Arcada’s previous recommendations are already in line with the new regulations and recommendations given by the authorities on 19-20.11, and are in some respects even stricter. Nevertheless, the UAS now specifies its instructions as follows: 

  • The maximum group size in all teaching on campus is 20 people until 6.12. 

  • The group limit of 20 people per group also applies when renting out Arcada's premises until 6.12 

  • The instructions for the Arcada Hall have been updated to minimise risk of infection. 

Arcada’s staff is encouraged to work remotely, and we continue with distance education also during the spring term, with the exception of such mandatory exercises, simulations and lab work that require attendance on campus. However, the UAS continuously monitors the epidemic situation and adjusts its instructions and restrictions accordingly. 

We ask our guests and visitors to keep safe distances to others, remember good hand hygiene and to wear a face mask when visiting campus. Please stay at home if you have symptoms suggestive of COVID-19.  


Update 2.10

New recommendation on use of face masks at higher education institutions

The Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare has updated its recommendation on the use of face masks. The updated recommendation also applies to higher educations institutions during the epidemic’s so-called acceleration phase. 

According to Helsinki University Hospital, Helsinki is already in the acceleration phase of the epidemic. For this reason, Arcada recommends that starting from today, Friday 25.9, students, staff, guests and visitors use face masks in all situations where it is possible when visiting campus. By using a mask and only removing it in situations where it is necessary and safe, we can continue our activities on campus. 

The most important safety measure is still that everyone who visits campus maintains safe distances and remembers good hand hygiene, but the correct use of face masks reduces the risk of spreading the infection. 

Read more about the updated recommendation and how to use a face mask correctly. 

Update 21.8

Arcada's guidelines for autumn 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic

Arcada's security team, under the leadership of the Rector Mona Forsskåhl, has made a new assessment of the situation. Based on a comprehensive risk assessment and in the light of the recent development of the spread of infection in society, and in particular the Helsinki region, the following guidelines have been established and are in force until further notice.

  •  All lectures are arranged online to avoid large groups gathering and being exposed to infection, also on the way to and from campus.
  • Practical exercises and group work are arranged on campus when they clearly add value to the teaching.
  • All students who are in the region are offered the opportunity to participate in exercises in small groups on campus to promote both motivation and psychosocial well-being. During such exercises, the responsible teacher or group leader should make sure and remind the group that all safety regulations are followed.
Counselling and other services with visiting hours on campus (see also the section on Campus and facilities)
  • Counselling and other services on campus are carried out taking into account safety distances and other safety regulations. If counselling and other services on campus cannot be arranged in a safe way, they are arranged remotely using digital tools.

Remote work and travel
  • In accordance with the Government's recommendation, staff are encouraged to work remotely when possible. All departments and teams at Arcada are still available as usual by e-mail and telephone during working hours.
  • Business trips abroad are not made at all at the moment. A new situation assessment will be made at the end of September.
  • The UAS strongly recommends that students and staff also cancel and refrain from unnecessary private travel at least until the end of September.
  • Before visiting campus, people who have traveled abroad must be in a two-week voluntary quarantine and thus not visit the campus during that time.
Face masks
  • Students, staff and visitors must use mouth guards on campus in all situations where a sufficient safety distance (1.5–2 m) cannot be maintained. Staff are provided with washable face masks and students are advised to obtain their own, but will be offered reusable, washable face masks for classes on campus.
  • Do not come to campus if you have symptoms typical of COVID-19.
  • If you experience symptoms typical of COVID-19 while on campus, go home immediately. You can use the OmaOlo service to assess your symptoms, get further instructions and make an appointment for a test via the service.
External guests and customers
  • During the autumn, Arcada does not receive guests or external customers directly from abroad on campus. Guests must have been quarantined or stayed in the country for at least 14 days and should inform themselves about Arcada's safety regulations before coming to campus.
  • During the autumn, Arcada can arrange and host events only if sufficient security can be guaranteed.
  • For each desired or planned event on campus with external guests, also larger events off campus, where Arcada is one of several co-organisers, a separate risk assessment is made.
  • Representational tasks - everyone within Arcada's staff can, with a low threshold, say no to social gatherings for work purposes with reference to Arcada's guidelines.
External events / rentals
  • The rental business continues but follows the same guidelines for security as all other activities and takes place primarily outside teaching hours. The terms are communicated to the customer.

Campus and facilities

The opening hours for the campus return to normal (weekdays from 7 am to 9 pm, the front doors are closed for external guests at 6.30 pm) to enable the spread of activities on campus across the day. For all activities on campus, the following safety measures must be ensured:

  • Safe distances - always keep a sufficient distance to people in the same room (1.5–2 m). Feel free to remind each other to keep a safe distance. Avoid queues and crowds.
  • Good hand hygiene - everyone who visits the campus should wash their hands on arrival and often during the day. Hand disinfectants are located on campus and should always be used when hand washing is not possible.
  • Everyone who visits the campus should sneeze and cough in their sleeve if they need to.
  • All rooms may be used to a maximum of 40% of their normal capacity.
  • Face masks must always be used when sufficient safety distances cannot be maintained.
  • Those who visit campus are asked to use the stairs if they can. Avoid the elevators especially if it gets crowded.
Lunch restaurant
  • The lunch restaurant is open at 7.30-15.00 with lunch service at 10.45-13.00.
  • One of the toilets next to the restaurant will be reserved for hand washing.
  • The number of seats will be less than usual to guarantee safe distances.
Meeting rooms, group rooms and equipment
  • Fewer seats than normal are in use to guarantee safe distances.
  • Meeting rooms and group rooms are ventilated / aired between groups.
  • Shared equipment (eg keyboard, lab equipment, studio technology) is disinfected between groups.
Arcada Hall (the university's activities in the hall)
  • No contact sports are arranged during period 1.
  • The sauna is closed during lecture hours.
  • The test lab is closed until the end of September when a new situation analysis is made.
  • The gym is only used for educational purposes under the supervision of teachers until the end of September when a new situation analysis is made.

Update 29.7

Arcada's Campus Reopens on 3 August

As of 3 August campus is open to students and the public on weekdays at 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. 

All Arcada’s teaching, research and other activities have been moved online due to the corona pandemic. The UAS now resumes work on campus under safe conditions by actively following current restrictions and the authorities' instructions and recommendations to reduce the spread of infection. More detailed instructions for the autumn will be given in mid-August, when the Arcada’s security team will make a new assessment of the situation. 

We continue to recommend visiting campus only when your cannot take care of the matter online. When visiting campus we especially remind you to continue to observe good hand hygiene and safety distances at all times. 

Update 3.4

Campus closed until 13.5

In accordance with the government's decision, the campus will remain closed and Arcada’s activities will continue remotely at least until 13.5. 

The Rector, supported by a crisis group, ensures that all activities, including the admission of new students, can continue with as little disruption as possible even in these exceptional circumstances. On April 16, anyone applying to Arcada’s Swedish programmes will receive instructions on how the admissions process continues and on how we conduct the alternative entrance exams remotely. Read more here. 

Are you studying at Arcada? Follow Start to stay up-to-date on the situation. 

Update 16.3

Covid-19: Arcada Closes Campus 18.3

In accordance with the government's decision, Arcada will close its campus 18.3 and move all its activities online until 13.4.

Courses will be arranged online, with very few exceptions where we will seek other solutions. The Rector with the support of a crisis group ensures that all activities, including the admission process, will continue with as little disruption as possible even under these exceptional circumstances. Students and staff are regularly informed on the latest developments.

Are you studying at Arcada? Check Start to stay up-to-date on the situation.


Arcada has for several weeks worked on its contingency plan, which has now been put into action. Targeted efforts focusing on ensuring the health of both students, staff and our partners, as well as supporting the authorities' efforts to reduce the spread of infection have been made. The rector with the support of a crisis group prepares the organisation for actions ensuring the continuity of our operations. All actions are in line with the recommendations and decisions made by the responsible national authorities. Staff and students are continuously updated.

To avoid infection

Arcada has adopted the following principles and recommendations to reduce the spread of infection:

  • Everyone is instructed to follow the information given by the authorities and advised to adhere to the recommendations given.
  • Staff do not travel abroad and those who return from a trip work from home for 14 days.
  • Staff are encouraged to work remotely at a low threshold.
  • Students who have been abroad must study from home for 14 days.
  • Everyone with cold symptoms or who are ill are to stay at home and not visit campus.
  • Instructions for good hand hygiene
  • Everyone is advised not to shake hands and to avoid close contact
  • Instructions on how to cough / sneeze

Teaching, Practical Training and Exchange Studies

The campus remains open for the time being in accordance with the decisions by national authorities. The majority of teaching is, however, moved online already from 16 March. All students concerned are informed via e-mail. The activities that continue on campus have a limited group size and adhere carefully the instructions on minimizing the risk of infection.

Practical training periods continue. Students are to follow the instructions of the organisation where they do their  practical training.

All students who are abroad within the framework of Arcada's exchange programme have been called home. Students who are independently on exchange or practical training abroad are strongly advised to return to Finland.

Visitors and Events

Arcada does not receive guests who have been abroad within the past 14 days. Arcada’s events are postponed until further notice.

Arcada is in contact with all event customers.

For detailed information for students visit this page:

For more information contact:

Rector Mona Forsskåhl
phone: 050 430 59 40