Update 16.3

Covid-19: Arcada Closes Campus 18.3

In accordance with the government's decision, Arcada will close its campus 18.3 and move all its activities online until 13.4.

Courses will be arranged online, with very few exceptions where we will seek other solutions. The Rector with the support of a crisis group ensures that all activities, including the admission process, will continue with as little disruption as possible even under these exceptional circumstances. Students and staff are regularly informed on the latest developments.

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Arcada has for several weeks worked on its contingency plan, which has now been put into action. Targeted efforts focusing on ensuring the health of both students, staff and our partners, as well as supporting the authorities' efforts to reduce the spread of infection have been made. The rector with the support of a crisis group prepares the organisation for actions ensuring the continuity of our operations. All actions are in line with the recommendations and decisions made by the responsible national authorities. Staff and students are continuously updated.

To avoid infection

Arcada has adopted the following principles and recommendations to reduce the spread of infection:

  • Everyone is instructed to follow the information given by the authorities and advised to adhere to the recommendations given.
  • Staff do not travel abroad and those who return from a trip work from home for 14 days.
  • Staff are encouraged to work remotely at a low threshold.
  • Students who have been abroad must study from home for 14 days.
  • Everyone with cold symptoms or who are ill are to stay at home and not visit campus.
  • Instructions for good hand hygiene
  • Everyone is advised not to shake hands and to avoid close contact
  • Instructions on how to cough / sneeze

Teaching, Practical Training and Exchange Studies

The campus remains open for the time being in accordance with the decisions by national authorities. The majority of teaching is, however, moved online already from 16 March. All students concerned are informed via e-mail. The activities that continue on campus have a limited group size and adhere carefully the instructions on minimizing the risk of infection.

Practical training periods continue. Students are to follow the instructions of the organisation where they do their  practical training.

All students who are abroad within the framework of Arcada's exchange programme have been called home. Students who are independently on exchange or practical training abroad are strongly advised to return to Finland.

Visitors and Events

Arcada does not receive guests who have been abroad within the past 14 days. Arcada’s events are postponed until further notice.

Arcada is in contact with all event customers.

For detailed information for students visit this page:

For more information contact:

Rector Mona Forsskåhl
phone: 050 430 59 40