Jan-Erik Krusberg

Phone number:0294 282 610

I work as a strategy director at Arcada UAS, I am a member of Arcada´s management team and currently I am leading our LMI-team (Ledning med Information - Information-driven Management team). The team provides Arcada’s management with analyses and reports based on data generated both in-house and in cooperation with third parties. In addition, the team monitors Arcada’s performance compared to the other UAS’s in Finland. Our analyses, reports and overviews constitute steering documents for strategic planning, operational development and quality assurance.

I hold a Ph.D. in Economics from Hanken School of Business since 2001. My Ph.D. thesis analyzed predatory pricing and anti-dumping behavior in international trade. Earlier I studied the effect of minimum wages on employment in the Finnish manufacturing industry. My current academic focus is on strategic management in higher education and competition analysis (industrial organization).

I have been working at Arcada since 1998 and have had positions as head of department, vice-rector, development director and currently as strategy director. I have also been responsible for developing Arcada´s quality assurance system and for all the external quality reviews/audits that Arcada has gone applied as a UAS. I have also been a member of several quality evaluation groups in Sweden, most recently in Högskolan Väst and Högskolan i Borås.