Linn Hongell

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Head of Department of Business Management and Analytics External link

"Curricula design and development is one of Linn Hongell's major interests as well as integration of international students and Internationalisation at Home. Through the forementioned we can achieve a multicultural, dynamic and innovative UAS for the future."

Linn Hongell is currently working as Head of the Department of Business Management and Analytics at Arcada. Hongell has a Master’s Degree both in Economics and in Pedagogy.

Hongell has a strong interest in curricula design and curricula development especially in the Business education. The development is ongoing and with today’s digitalisation, automatisation and robotisation we need to be agile and innovative. Students need to get the education they need today but also the skills for the future and for future learning. Hongell has also a strong interest in the integration of international students into Finnish business life as well as developing Internationalisation at Home for our national students. In a global world, understanding and developing internationalisation, multiculturalism and integration is one of the key factors.


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Linn Hongell, Head of Department (Business Management and Analytics)