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About Arcada

A modern and international University of Applied Sciences


The communications department at Arcada offers journalists and media easy access to any information, photographs and contact details that you may require for your work. You are also welcome to contact us at communications(a) if you have any questions.

The Communications Department


Hanna Donner

Head of Communications

+358 (0)294 282 523


Johanna Modig-Gräsbeck

Communications Specialist

+358 (0)294 282 677


Nathalie Edman-Koskell

Marketing Specialist

+358 (0)294 282 682

Arcada logo

Arcada's visual identity is comprised of the Arcada logo and the name Arcada. The black logotype is always used on a light background. The white logotype is used on dark backgrounds. If you have any questions about Arcada's visual identity, please contact communications(a)