Arcada offers vocationally oriented university education and engages in research and development to assure the availability of a Swedish-speaking workforce and contribute to a vital bilingualism. The educational activities are organised in four departments for awarding degrees. The degree programmes in the same sector cooperate in clusters.

The research and development activities are an integrated part of the education and are focused on strategically selected profile fields, where research and development take place in teaching teams lead by a principal lecturer. Research and development is run in networks of research institutes and other universities nationally and internationally.

The operational activities are organised into five educational departments

  • Department of Business Management and Analytics
  • Department of Energy and Materials Technology
  • Department of Health and Welfare
  • Department of Culture and Media
  • Department of Healthcare

Each educational department is under the leadership of a Head of Department and a Quality Council. The research activities in each educational department are under the leadership of a Head of Research who supports the Head of Department in the department's research questions.

In all of the educational departments, there are degree programs that are under the leadership of a degree programme director.