The main tasks of Arcada’s communications department include maintaining and developing the UAS’s brand, make the UAS an inspiring environment for students and co-workers and through communicational means support the UAS to reach its operational targets. The department is responsible for offering a good infrastructure and tools for communicational work and has a co-ordinating, supportive and advisory role in questions regarding communications.

The departments main tasks are:

  • Planning of Arcada’s communications
  • Maintaining and developing the UAS’s identity, image and profile
  • Marketing and student recruitment
  • Contacts and relations with media
  • Events and conferences
  • Contacts and relations with alumni
  • Co-ordinating and developing Arcada’s fundraising
  • To facilitate internal communication with co-workers and students
  • To advise and support in questions regarding communications

The department is co-ordinated and led by Arcada's communications manager.