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About Arcada

A modern and international University of Applied Sciences

Five Educational Departments

Arcada offers vocationally oriented university education and engages in research and development to assure the availability of a Swedish-speaking workforce and contribute to a vital bilingualism. The educational activities are organised in five departments for awarding degrees. The degree programmes in the same sector co-operate in clusters.

The research and development activities are an integrated part of the education and are focused on strategically selected profile fields, where research and development take place in teaching teams lead by a principal lecturer. Research and development is run in networks of research institutes and other universities nationally and internationally.

The operational activities are organised into five educational departments

  • Department of Business Management and Analytics
  • Department of Energy and Materials Technology
  • Department of Health and Welfare
  • Department of Culture and Media
  • Department of Healthcare

Each educational department is under the leadership of a Head of Department. 

Department of Economy and Business Analysis


Department of Economy and Business Analysis


Exciting opportunities, international atmosphere and business contacts pervade the educations in the department of economy and business analysis, where more than 700 students within business economy and engineering prepare for the modern business life. The work in our department is to educate internationally oriented, innovative persons with advanced, practical professional knowledge.

In our department, scientists, teachers and students work side by side in various research, development and innovation projects. We also develop various solutions for the business community and work together with various businesses.

One of the priority areas is business development and information analytics with a focus on analyzing large data sets, so-called Big Data.  We also have research activities in digital marketing focusing on tourism, e-commerce and customer relationship management.

Linn Hongell, M.Sc.(Econ.)
Head of Department 
phone. +358 294 282 524

Department of Energy and Materials Technology 


Energi- och materialteknologi


More than 280 eager students study Energy and environmental engineering and Materials and process technology in the department of Energy and Materials Technology.  

In the department, the students and the scientists work side by side in projects and develop products to find practical and concrete solutions to the challenges our world faces.

The projects focus on multi functional materials and energy efficiency and we use society's and the business community's requirements as our starting point. We develop new forms of cost efficient energy efficiency projects for houses and develop smart solutions within health care, the social area and the energy area.

Mirja Andersson
Head of Department
phone +358 294 282 570

Department of Health and Welfare


Hälsa och välfärd


The Department for Health and Welfare is one of the largest at Arcada with closer to 750 students. The department offers four bachelor’s degree programmes (Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Sports and Health Promotion and Social Services) as well as two master’s degree programmes (Health Promotion and Social Services).

With openness and innovation as guiding principles the department educates future experts on a labour market in constant change. In all our degree programmes we emphasize curiosity, health promotion and leadership, so that our students will develop the knowledge and competences needed to both thrive in their fields and to develop them further.

Our research and development activities are mainly focused on patient safety, health promotion and social participation.

Carina Kiukas
Head of Department
phone +358 294 282 536

Jukka Surakka, FD 
Head of Research 
phone +358 294 282 499

Department of Culture and Media


Kultur och kommunikation


The Department of Culture and Media inspires students to new levels of creativity and innovation in the cultural field. At Arcada, we see it as our mission to educate professionals for international careers in online media, film, TV and cultural production. We offer degrees in Swedish and English to more than 300 students in Media Culture (BA), Cultural Management (BA) and Media Management (MA).

Through collaboration with leading players in industry, we identify, explore, and analyse changing patterns and trends in order to enhance our learning experience and contribution to society. Our staff and students are therefore often involved in a wide range of pioneering projects that make a difference in the field through the advancement of knowledge and skills.

Tomas Träskman, MA
Head of Department 
phone +358 294 282 580

Department of Healthcare


Institutionen för vård


The Department of Healthcare, with closer to 700 students, is characterized by quality and vast experience. The department offers five degree programmes on a bachelor’s level (Emergency Care, Public Health, Midwifery and Nursing in both English and Swedish), and one degree programme on a master’s level (Leadership for Nordic Healthcare).

At the Department of Healthcare we know that transparency and curiosity are key to educating a skilled and competent workforce that makes an actual difference on the labour market. Our graduates meet working life with a modern approach to healthcare – one where people take centre stage and recipients of care never play a passive role, but rather are the most important actors in any care-giving setting.

Within research and development, we are particularly interested in patient safety, health promotion and social participation.

Maria Forss, PhD
Head of Department
phone +358 294 282 471

Jukka Surakka, FD 
Head of Research 
phone +358 294 282 499