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About Arcada

A modern and international University of Applied Sciences


Study in a unique campus environment

The Arcada campus, built in 2004, is quite unique in Helsinki as it is a complete campus, with the university of applied sciences, student housing and the student union house close by. The campus is perfectly situated combining its own personal milieu with excellent transportation to the city centre and onwards. You reach the city centre in 20 minutes by bus or tram, and the closest metro stop isn’t far away either. Next to the student housing is a shopping mall, which offers everything you need in your daily life and the surrounding area offers excellent opportunities for leisure activities.

The Arcada building

We moved into our beautiful and modern Arcada building during the autumn of 2004. It was built for us and our specific needs, as a part of our campus. The building is owned by Fastighets Ab Arcada Nova. On the central indoor squares there is a student cafeteria and open spaces where everyone can meet up. The staff is found in open office landscapes and the study environments and projects engage students, teachers and researchers from various fields – all of this so that we can meet and share ideas with each other.

The Cor-house

The Cor-house is the place for all the students, a second home or a living room. There you will find everything related to the student life under the same roof. It is located a few hundred meters from the Arcada building and many activities are arranged here, such as parties, meetings and poker nights. The building, complete with sauna and meeting rooms, can also be rented it you have something specific in mind.

The house was built especially for students and at the Cor-house you can find the student union ASK, and the student associations; Commedia, HanSe and HoSK. TLK has their premises in one of the buildings nearby.

Student housing – modern living on campus

On campus, right next to the Arcada building, there are close to 500 fresh and modern student appartments. The newest ones opened their doors in 2014. Find out more at Majstrandens homepage


Sports and leisure

As a capital, Helsinki has a lot to offer within culture, media, sports and events and as a modern and green area close to the city center, Arabianranta also has a lot to offer for those who like to spend time outdoors.

If you want to meet new people, Arcada Student Union – ASK and the different Student Associations arrange pastime activities such as parties, sitzes, trips, cottage weekends and other events. You can also just stop by the Cor-house and enjoy the terrace with new friends.

When it comes to sports, Arcada Student Union arranges different kind of activities. Arcada also holds a fully equipped gym, which all student at Arcada can use for a very reasonable prize. For more information about the Arcada gym and other free-time acitivites on campus, click here.





Accessibility for persons with movement disabilities

The modern Arcada building is built with accessibility in mind

Both the main entrance and the staff entrance can be accessed without having to climb any stairs. 

All the lecture halls, the library, offices and public areas are accessible for persons with movement disabilities. There are also accessible toilets on every floor. Next to the back entrance there are two parking spots for persons with movement disabilities. 

If you have questions regarding accessibility in the Arcada building, please contact Campus services at +358 (0)294 282 699.