Modern Arcada has a long history

Arcada University of Applied Sciences was established in Helsinki in 1996. Arcada University of Applied Sciences, originates from three different institutions: The Swedish Commercial College, Swedish Institute of Technology, Helsinki and Helsinki Swedish College of Nursing and Health Care. The owner of Arcada University of Applied Sciences is the Arcada Foundation.

Everything on one campus

Arcada University of Applied Sciences moved into the Arcada building in Arabianranta in 2004 and so created the foundation for one campus. Both co-workers and students thrived in the brand new modern building with its clear structure and design in glass, steel and stone. Today, there are also hundreds of student apartments and the students’ own Cor-house on campus.

Read more about Arcada’s campus here.

Arcada today

Arcada is constantly developing in order to continue as a leading university of applied sciences (UAS) in the future. Today, Arcada is a modern and international UAS with 200 members of staff and 2 700 students. We offer 17 Bachelor’s degree programmes, three of which are in English as well as 10 Master’s degree programmes, six of which are in English. The degree programmes are offered within the following departments:

  • Department of Business Mangement and Analytics
  • Department of Energy and Materials Technology
  • Department of Health and Welfare
  • Department of Culture and Communication
  • Department of Healthcare

Arcada Further Education attracts a lot of adult learners who alongside their jobs want like to broaden and develop their professional skills. At Arcada we focus strongly on socially valuable and student integrating research and development.

Arcada’s campus will continue to grow in the following years by including more student apartments as well as new facilities for the UAS.