The Board of Arcada University of Applied Sciences Ltd. is responsible for the administration of the university and the appropriate organisation of its operational activities. It also makes sure that the university’s accounting is appropriately organised. The Board is responsible for and supervises the administration of property and investments for the university.

The Board’s tasks include steering and supervising the university’s operational management, appointing and dismissing the rector (the managing director), approving and supervising the application of the university’s strategy, approving the principles of risk management and assuring the continuity of the management system. The Board summons the annual general meeting and submits proposals for resolutions, which should be compatible with the Universities Act and the Limited Liability Companies Act, as well as the articles of association.

In all its activities, the Board observes current legislation, the articles of association, the university’s instructions and the Finnish Corporate Governance Code.

Board Meetings

The Board generally convenes 6-7 times per year. The Board has a quorum when more than half of the members are present.

The university’s rector/managing director presents matters for consideration to board meetings. The university’s chief legal officer acts as the secretary of the Board.

Election of Board Members

The university Board consists of a minimum of seven and a maximum of nine members. Two members are appointed by the university community, one from among the staff and one from the students.


The remuneration of the members of the board is established during the annual general meeting. Information on remuneration paid to the members of the board is set out in the annual accounts of Arcada University of Applied Sciences Ltd.<

The composition of the Board of Arcada University of Applied Sciences Ltd.

  • Marcus Rantala, chairperson (entrepreneur)
  • Alexander Bargum (CEO)
  • Anna Bertills (CEO)
  • Ira Jeglinsky-Kankainen (Principal Lecturer)
  • Johan Johansson (Director)
  • Kristina Lindström (Professor)
  • Oscar Mansén (Student)
  • Per Nilsson (Rector)
  • Sebastian Nyström (Chief Transformation Officer)

Administrative and HR Director Susanne Homén-Lindberg acts as secretary to the Board.