The mission of Arcada’s Quality Council is to ensure that all operations and actions at Arcada keep a high and even standard of quality. The Quality Council monitors and develops Arcada’s quality system, in which quality assurance and quality development are integrated parts in a constantly ongoing quality process.

Arcada’s Quality Council consists of ten to twelve members with broad affiliations within the organization. This includes one representative from each department, one representative from the Student Services, one representative from the other units, one to two student representatives and two external members.

The Rector appoints the Quality Council for a three-year term. The student representatives are appointed for a period of one to two years each.

The composition of the quality council:

Camilla Wikström-Grotell, Chairperson
Principal Lecturer Niklas Eriksson (The Department of Business management and Analytics)
Lecturer Rene Herrmann (The Department of Energy and Materials Technology) 
Principal Lecturer Ira Jeglinsky (The Department of Health and Welfare) 
Amanuensis Monica Löv (The Department of Culture and Media) 
Lecturer Annika Skogster (The Department of Healthcare) 
International Student Recruitment Coordinator Sandra Slotte (Student Services) 
Lecturer Minna Lehtola (Other units) 

External members:

Councellor of Social Welfare Stefan Mutanen 
Educational planner Susanna Taimitarha


Student representatives:

Kevin Salwathura
Ronja Forsström
Rickard Rosbäck, Deputy 
Axel Lehtinen, Deputy