The management group supports the rector

Arcada's management group supports the university’s rector in the management and planning of operational activities.  Decisions are made by the rector, who is chairperson of the management group.

The members of the management group are:

  • Rector Mona Forsskåhl, chairperson
  • Vice Rector for Research and Innovation Henrika Franck
  • Vice Rector for Education Carl-Johan Rosenbröijer
  • Head of Department Maria Forss (Department of Healthcare)
  • Head of Department Linn Hongell (Department of Business Management and Analytics)
  • Head of Department Nathalie Hyde-Clarke (Department of Culture and Media)
  • Head of Department Mirja Andersson (Department of Energy and Materials Technology)
  • Head of Department Carina Kiukas (Department of Health and Welfare)
  • Head of Communication Hanna Donner
  • Head of Library Maria von Hertzen
  • Administrative and HR Director Susanne Homén-Lindberg
  • Chief Strategic Officer Jan-Erik Krusberg
  • Financial Director Klas Nyström
  • Secretary General for Arcada Student Union – ASK Sebastian Oey
  • Head of Student Services Annika Stadius
  • Head of Language Department Kerstin Stolt
  • Head of IT Mikael Ekblom
  • Director of Contract Education and Continuous Learning Lotta Wikman
  • Director of Academic Partnerships Camilla Wikström-Grotell
  • President of Arcada Student Union - ASK Darya Pysarenko